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Traditional growing / Germination, soil, water, tips and tricks.
« : Joulukuu 29, 2008, 11:20:10 ap »
Hi all.
I'm fairly new to growing but very enthusiastic! I've been trying to germinate two times during autumn but with very limited success. I have only one plant out of two attempts with something like 70 seeds in all. Damn.
So obviously I need a few hints. I have a small greenhouse and I really want to fill it with chilies the summer 2009.
First of all I've been using these little peat based pads in a mini greenhouse so far. What kind of soil/soil mixture would you recommend? Maybe even brand name and store (in Finland). (by the way I'd better say that I can keep 25-28 degrees in this greenhouse)
The water... I've been using cold tap water left to stand for a while to warm a bit and then sprayed through a vaporizer. Anybody doing something else?
And I've been reading quite a few guides by now. Some are suggesting tea bag method, presoaking, germination in toilet paper, etc... What really works??? In your experience I mean...
Thanks and let's hope for a good season!

Thanks guys for nice company and extreme entertainment! Where else can you be offered a tiny bit of sauce that causes pain and makes you sweat, heh.
Also thanks for a great dinner!
Good to meet you guys!

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