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Chilitapahtumat / -tapaamiset / Vs: 04.12.2010 Nyyttärimiitti @ Ulvila
« : Marraskuu 30, 2010, 21:27:52 ip »
Burax, what's your plan with driving?
We're almost neighbours so maybe we should drive together ;-)

Chilitapahtumat / -tapaamiset / Vs: 04.12.2010 Nyyttärimiitti @ Ulvila
« : Marraskuu 30, 2010, 21:21:48 ip »
Yeah I'll be there :)

Show us your garden! / Vs: First "season" - indoors!
« : Joulukuu 13, 2009, 12:05:48 ip »
A lovely project! I've had a bunch of those LED's lying around for quite a while now. Maybe I should start soldering before next season ;-)
Just a little question... Are you using a 12V power supply? And then 3 LED's in series along with the resistors? How come you don't just use a 3V power supply?
Damn. I wish I had more time...

Hey Riku!
Thanks for writing this in English as well! That's so cool!
I'm in! That's for sure! Don't know when is possible but I guess December will be out of the question with Christmas and all that fuss going on... So I guess almost anytime in 2010!
And yeah pizzas rule!

Great initiative!
I'd love to be there!

Yeah I hope it's not too late to say I'll be there as well... Only Saturday though... I'll hopefully be driving there with Ville.
See you all then!

Amazing to think that those Ajis on that picture might be the ones in my belly right now...

Happy Vappu to you too!
Those pictures will be printed in my mind next time I find Aji Cristal in Prisma and buy a couple of packs of course. Really nice stuff!

Show us your garden! / Vs: season 2009 - first season
« : Huhtikuu 06, 2009, 20:34:48 ip »
I've had Bolivian Rainbows and they were delicious! I have no idea if it's because they are poisonous or what but at least I'm still alive!
Can't tell about your leaves but I'm also interested in reading about them. Mine look even a lot worse  :( ??? :-[

It's always a pleasure to look at your pictures Lee! Your plants really look good! I wish all mine could look as good! You must be pampering them a lot!  ;)

Beautiful pictures! Some of those macros are amazing (and scary)! I'm sure you have a good macro lens. What's the focal length?

Other growing & lighting / Vs: Led lamp test! 1 week!
« : Helmikuu 12, 2009, 15:18:37 ip »

I think this is the product in the test. Goodness it's expensive as a one time investment! Hopefully the reduced power consumption and better yield will pay out...
I once tried soldering 400 LEDs together and see how that would work out but I scrapped it, simply not enough effect. I guess the LEDs here are the next generation ones (which also explains the price...) and maybe with some electronics to boost the effect.
Exciting but still a bit too pricey in my opinion...

Show us your garden! / Vs: My 2009 season
« : Tammikuu 04, 2009, 20:41:36 ip »
Hi Patrik!
Looks very impressive with all them types of chinense. I'm sure it's gonna be a hot summer in Stockholm!
Just a quick question: What's the stuff you've spread over the soil and what good does it do? I'm a beginner so I'm just trying to suck up as much tricks as possible ;-)
Hopps det blir en bra høst! (my Swedish is terrible)

Traditional growing / Vs: Germination, soil, water, tips and tricks.
« : Tammikuu 03, 2009, 22:06:14 ip »
Thanks a lot! Yeah I've read the instructions through a few times. I like them a lot, nice pics.
I was recommended to try a mixture of cactus and flower soil so I'm trying this. So far with 6 different chinense and then others will follow. I'm not too keen on the idea of rock wool for my plants, so I'll live with the little bit less uniform soil. Of course I know that most of the stuff I buy in the supermarkets are grown using these methods, heh.
Let's see how it goes. Maybe I'll have to change my mind at some point...

Traditional growing / Germination, soil, water, tips and tricks.
« : Joulukuu 29, 2008, 11:20:10 ap »
Hi all.
I'm fairly new to growing but very enthusiastic! I've been trying to germinate two times during autumn but with very limited success. I have only one plant out of two attempts with something like 70 seeds in all. Damn.
So obviously I need a few hints. I have a small greenhouse and I really want to fill it with chilies the summer 2009.
First of all I've been using these little peat based pads in a mini greenhouse so far. What kind of soil/soil mixture would you recommend? Maybe even brand name and store (in Finland). (by the way I'd better say that I can keep 25-28 degrees in this greenhouse)
The water... I've been using cold tap water left to stand for a while to warm a bit and then sprayed through a vaporizer. Anybody doing something else?
And I've been reading quite a few guides by now. Some are suggesting tea bag method, presoaking, germination in toilet paper, etc... What really works??? In your experience I mean...
Thanks and let's hope for a good season!

Red Christmas after all! Merry X-mas!

Thanks guys for nice company and extreme entertainment! Where else can you be offered a tiny bit of sauce that causes pain and makes you sweat, heh.
Also thanks for a great dinner!
Good to meet you guys!

Looks like you're gonna have a hot Christmas there! Good stuff!

Cool stuff Lee!
I like that cabinet you've made there but it makes me realise I've got way too little light (only a 36W fluorescent).
Beautiful plants too! Really nice to see them evolve. Good thing you've kept posting even though not too many people have been replying, heh.

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