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« : Huhtikuu 16, 2009, 13:36:47 ip »

I just received my first order of seeds from fatalii and i must say i havnt been as happily surprised ever when ive bought something. It made my day, and im going to get busy germinating all those freebies, and test the chili powder you sent. By the way your site is great, the most fun site for browsing around when wanting to chilisurfing the web. My father liked the fiery faces, hehe.

Thanks , Lavish

Poissa Fatalii

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« Vastaus #1 : Huhtikuu 16, 2009, 14:12:51 ip »
Thank you very much Lavish!

And you really saved my day!
When I hear people find the info on my site fun and useful, it really makes me feel that it's all worth the great effort! I think you just encouraged me to do a little update! :)

Thanks again!
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