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Great results using LED grow light
« : Lokakuu 08, 2012, 16:18:29 ip »
Hi all,

I live in Glasgow where we dont get much sun! I have been growing chillies on my window sill for a few years now and decided to try out an LED grow light as i have heard some good results. After a lot of looking around i decided to go for a 100 watt Supanova with the optical lens and 6th gen option which cost me £220.I know, its a lot to spend but hey i thought i would treat myself! Well the results are pretty fantastic to say the least, the plants grow a lot faster and produce a much higher quality chillie than i have grown before,(i grow scotch bonnet and gindas) I have now set up a small grow area in my spare room and can get 25 pots under the light easily as i want to get the most out of the light. I highly recommend this method of growing especially if you suffer from lack of sunlight! I will post pics soon when they have matured a bit more.
The light by the way was bought from a company call led lightbulb and were very helpful and honest.