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Help! Insecticidal Soap killing my plant
« : Heinäkuu 11, 2013, 17:33:14 ip »
A beginner's mistake made again. I found some aphids on my Goji plants and I sprayed Bayer's insecticidal soap and the problem has been solved without hurting the plant.

After a few days I found some black aphids on my Aji Amarillo. Really I hate use insecticide/pesticide on my chili plants I never ever got any positive result from them. Last year also Bayer's insecticide/pesticide gave the same problem. This times also I was hesitated to use it but I thought Goji had no problem so it would be fine with the chili plants. So I sprayed the leftover Bayer's Insecticidal Soap. As a result the leaves are burned and a lot of flowers were lost however the pods are still hanging on the plant.

Have you had any experiences like this before and if so how did you fix the problem? Seriously I need your advice.

Thanks in advance.