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The effect of a morning ROF on the outhouse
« : Lokakuu 19, 2009, 18:12:33 ip »
After a long day of eating fresh Chiles I decided to find out the effects of the lavapoop on an outhouse (a.k.a. shitter).
So with a roll of supersoft toiletpaper i headed to the shitter with mixed feelings. I was exited, but also worried, since nobody had done this before (or atleast lived to tell the tale).
As I sat there pushing out the infernal poo, there was a loud bang and I found myself face down on the ground! The poo had reacted violently with the sawdust used in the shitter and the resulting pressurewave had thrown me out. As I looked around, the shitter was gone, all that remained was the base logs and the roof. The shitter had flown a good 15 meters onto the field and had fallen on one side.
Closer inspection revealed flames in the shitter. Instead of putting out the flame I took out my phone and took some pictuers

Picture 1: Small flame visible, the door imploded

Picture 2: The fire spreads quickly

Picture 3: Full burn

Picture 4: Not much left

What did we learn? Do not ever Never hold your after-chili meetings in a wooden outhouse!
Since I did not anticipate such a strong reaction, I do not have any "before" pictures.
Below a short videoclip
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