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Kirjoittaja Aihe: chillies rare &exotic  (Luettu 5235 kertaa)

Poissa ledor

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chillies rare &exotic
« : Lokakuu 02, 2010, 00:40:10 ap »
hi all
would any one be able to tell me what the worlds rarest chilli is and
i also have a 2" seedling of c.lanceolatum to which i believe im the first one in australia to get it in
as through special permission from quarantine as it is exremely hard to get such a unknown chilli through customs
and the seedling is growing very healthy in rich organic fine mulch comost
pretty good isnt it  :D

Poissa Chilicutter

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Vs: chillies rare &exotic
« Vastaus #1 : Lokakuu 03, 2010, 00:47:23 ap »
You are not first in australia who have C.Lanceolatum ;)
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