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Show us your garden! / Year around indoor garden
« : Elokuu 18, 2010, 20:48:10 ip »
I'm kind of running out of space and all the plants are doomed to an indoor life. All the chilies are between 1 and 2 years old. Some of my other plants are also shown in the pics. Here is my list of all the sorts of chilies.

Trinidad Scorpion MB
Short yellow tabasco
pimenta da neyde
Jamaican bell
Jalapeño (Hercules F1)
Habanero (from store bought fruit)
piri piri (from store bought fruit)
7 pot
Naga Morich
Trinidad bush
Caribbean red habanero
Turbo pube
Hot lemon
Chiuacle negro

First picture is from june this year the other ones are taken yesterday.

Traditional growing / Vs: overwintering indoor garden
« : Elokuu 18, 2010, 20:18:53 ip »
Sorry, I don't think I was clear on my main question. Because I don't want to throw the plants away and start over next year I'm gonna keep most of them for as long as they live  (I hope a number of years) and try to get as much pods as possible. So I wonder if you have to let them rest in some periods, or just keep them in as much light as possible. I assume that they will keep producing pods if tou keep them under lights and pick of the mature pods as they ripen, but for how long can they keep on going if they are kept under CFL? Remember it's indoor all year so the climate won't change much except better light condition during summer months. (I live in Sweden in the Stockholm area by the way.)

Traditional growing / overwintering indoor garden
« : Elokuu 16, 2010, 18:07:16 ip »
Hi, this is my first year growing chilies, I live in a small apartment with no balcony so all plants are doomed to an indoor life. I'm wondering how and if overwintering should be done?

First of all, what happens if I don't overwinter just keep them under light for the same time year around, will get tired and become weaker and weaker or do chilies have some kind of built in cycle? As it is now i keep the smaller plants under artificial light and the larger (or the all the ones I can fit next to or as close as possible to windows).

So, in short tips and thoughts about how to maintaine a year around indoor "traditional" garden. Thanks, and I will soon try to upload some pics in "show us your garden".

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