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Tervehdys, kaksi samaan aikaan sattunutta teknistä muutosta / ongelmaa summa aiheutti vajaan viikon katkon foorumille. Nyt palvelinohjelmisto on jouduttu päivittämään uuteen ja sekä ulkoasu että toiminnallisuus on muuttunut. Toivotttavasti ei ainakaan kovin paljoa huonompaan suuntaan. Odottamattomia ongelmiakin saattaa ilmaantua.

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Hydroponic growing / Vs: Blooming phase problem
heinäkuu 03, 2012, 02:22:18 ap
Thank you for your answer Marekofana

Ok since last time i switched to 16/8. Temperature is around 23 degrees constant. I have one chili on its way, and got a (new) massive blooming last week but everything fell down again. I don't understand. Leaves are still pale green, some are falling but are replaced. The whole plant is still growing.

The cayennes are getting dark red at the moment ;) but they are quite strange, they don't look like cayennes ! They are wide and roundy, not pointy and thin...
Hydroponic growing / Vs: Blooming phase problem
kesäkuu 22, 2012, 01:37:28 ap
Seems that i cant' get it in english. I get "Sinun täytyy aina antaa salasanasi päivittäessäsi profiiliasi". My finnish is more than poor and doesn't get longer than Impaled Nazarene or Ajatarra's lyrics...

Thank you for your answer, Cayenne. I meant indeed 18/6. Same cycle than last time in soil, and it was no problem. I'll try 16/8. Temperature is between 20 and 26 degrees. my house is made of wood, so it's warming up quite fast, but the last baccatum batch in soil LOVED those warm days.

My leaves are dark green, the plant looks very healthy apart from the flowers. It's not over-nutriting because i recently started a batch in the same mix, and the 8-10 cm plants are growing well.

Since my last message i have one fruit growing. But only one. hope it will soon be full of chilies :)
Hydroponic growing / Blooming phase problem
kesäkuu 16, 2012, 17:24:05 ip
Hi !

I'm a French national living in Norway and loving chilies. After a first batch of lemon drop in soil under cupboard light, I started a new batch (some cayennes and lombardo in soil and some lemon in hydro).

I use the fantastic range of nutrients from Hydropassion and the "Bio-" series of i don't remember which brand.

Light cycle 18/16 constant, 125watts eco-light warm spectrum + 2 tubes cold light + 2 tubes warm light (vertical setting).

My hydro box (20 liters) has for now a big bushy lemon drop plant, constantly flowering for the past weeks, but flowers are just falling when dead, not turning into fruits. The rest of the tree looks in good shape, no pets, no nutrient burning (let's say I used to grow... other plants, so I am used to this).

Any idea about why?

What about the rinsing of the plant to avoid bad taste? With illegal plants it's easy, because everything ripens at once, but what about chilies that aren't all ripen at the same time?

Another question: My cayennes (soil) are and stay green. Is it a long-maturing strain?

Thanks a lot !

Bonus question: how to turn the forum in english??