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Show us your garden! / JungleRain's new 2010/2011 Season
« : Elokuu 11, 2010, 05:15:33 ap »
This weekend 01/08/2010 I have 110 varieties germinating, I haven't been on the forum for some time as 
I have a serious neck injury which has been causing me a bit of pain for a while and I haven't been able to plant seed till the start of August,
which is much later than when I planted seeds last year so hopefully I haven't started them too late.
Also I still have 50 varieties from last years crop still growing.
I'm sure I'll still plant a few more varieties yet this season!!!

The Beginning;


Bhut Jolokia Chocolate x 7pot/pod Yellow f3
Bhut Jolokia x Hab Red Mayan
Bhut Jolokia x PDN (pimenta elisa) f2
Cuppucino Kapowie
Fatalii x Cleos Dragon
Fatalii x Peruvian Chinense
Fatalii Hybrid
Jalabenero...Jalepeno x Habanero
Nagalone chocolate
T Scorp x Bhut Jolokia
7pot/pod white hybrid f3
7pot/pod white hybrid f3 strain2
Devils tongue white f3
Bhut Jolokia x Giant White Habanero f3
Douglah x f2

C. Pubescens

Brown Rocoto
CGN 19243 Gondol
White Rocoto

C. Chinense

7 Molhos
7 pot/pod Primo
Aji Cachucha
Ajoema chocolate
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 1
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 2
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 3
Bhut Jolokia from Guhahat
Bhut Jolokia from Jorhat
BGH 1723
BGH 4224
Big Bang Naga
GRIF 9225
GRIF 9238
GRIF 9246
Habanero Chocolate Twisted
Habanero Caribbean Red with tail
Habanero Condors Beak
Habanero Pink
Habanero Peach
Habanero Tixpehual
Hawaii Beach Pepper
Habanero Vietnam
Inca Glow
Luiza Yellow Pumpkin
Monster Naga
Mayamar Naga 1
Mayamar Naga 2
Naga Bali
Olho De Peixe
Pimenta Morango
PI 315019
PI 315022
PI 315023
PI 199506
PI 441619
PI 438642
PI 439410
PI 439370
PI 257067
PI 215733
PI 224448
PI 439479
PI 439420
PI 439447
Roatan Pumpkin
Rapa Ticao
Scotch Bonnet Foodarama
Siling Labuto
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Trinidad Scorpion CARDI yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate
Trinidad Scorpion green
Peito De Moca

C. Baccatum

Aji Panca
Snow White

C. Frutescens

CGN 16985 Parvoacuminatum
CGN 22817 Lombok
GRIF 9223
GRIF 9229

C. Annuum

CGN 17232 Emamapa
CGN 20506 Urka Bangla
CGN 23579 Kirmou
Cheese Pimento
Hot FIsh
Tiny Samoa
Bellingrath Gardens
Purple Flash
Marconi Golden


CAP 1498
CGN 19198 f3
C. Ciliatum
Cumari Large
Cumari Irregular
Cumari Do Werner
Cumari da Mata
Pimenta do Interior do Brasil
Passarinho Parnif
4 Cores Do Santiago
Pimenta Trepadeira Do Werner (this one should be very interesting... apparently it has the characteristics of a climber , vine. from Brasil)
Ulpica Large


7pot/pod Brain
7pot/pod Barrakapore
7pot/pod Douglah strain 1
7pot/pod Douglah strain 2
7pot/pod Jonah
7pot/pod Julian
7pot/pod Long
7pot/pod White
7pot/pod Yellow
Aji Limon
Aji Pineapple
Antalais Caribbean
Bahamian Finger
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Berbere Hot
Bhut Jolokia Assam
Bhut Jolokia Choc
Bhut x GWH f2
Big Sun
Bih Jolokia
Bonda Ma Jaque
CGN 21469
CGN 23209
Cumari do Para
Devils Tongue White
Dorset Naga
Fatalli Yellow
Hab Chocolate
Hab Mustard
Hab Wht Jellybean
Habanero Golden
Naga Morich
PI 441620
PI 441680
PI 497982
PI 572560
PI 585278
PI 614001
Pimenta Preta Laranja
Prik Gai Riang
Scotch Bonnet TFM
T Scorp Huge
T Scorp SR
T. Scorp Chocolate
T. Scorp Moruga
T. Scorp Moruga yellow
T. Scorp Sunrise
T. Scorp x T. Congo
T.scorp AJ
Trinidad Scorpion

Show us your garden! / White Flower C. Pubescens
« : Tammikuu 26, 2010, 07:13:12 ap »
Ok here is something to think about!!!!
I received the seeds from the seed bank in the Netherlands as CGN 22797.
I have 4 plants 3 are your normal purple flowered C. Pubescens, however the fourth plant has white flowers...,
Here are 2 pics of the normal purple flower variety

and the white flower version???

a pic of the white flower plant CGN 22797 C.Pubescens

Other growing & lighting / Identifying Pepper Species
« : Tammikuu 06, 2010, 01:14:19 ap »
Could anyone tell me what are the various traits to look for when Identifying Pepper Species.
Is their a good book available about this? or where can I find the info on the web?
i.e.. Comparisons between leaf shape, flower description, growth pattern, pod growth per nodes, etc etc...

Show us your garden! / Another unusual Chilli plant...
« : Joulukuu 31, 2009, 23:12:02 ip »
Does anyone recognize this chilli plant?

Wild Chiles / Mata Frade, does anyone have any info??
« : Syyskuu 28, 2009, 22:48:09 ip »
Hello everyone,
Does anybody Have any information about the Mata Frade pepper,
I currently have what I believe to be two small plants growing now...(thanks to Daniel)

From what I have been able to gather, is that the seeds came from Roraima State (Northern Brazil, the Amazon region), and it grows upright, it's green when immature then matures to a violet color, measures + or - 1.5 cm in length and 0.5 cm in width and is very hot, it's suposed to be one very rare species of hot pepper... As yet I don't know what species it is!

Here's a few pics, not much to see yet!

Traditional growing / Help Needed, Seedling Problems
« : Heinäkuu 13, 2009, 03:25:16 ap »
I need some help with these seedlings,
they are around 1 month old and over the last week all the older lower leaves have been yellowing and dropping off, some of the top older leaves have a dark marble effect coloring whislt others are looking bumpy and crinkly looking.
could it be over watering??? I don't think its over fertilizing as I have been using 1/4 to 1/2 strength solution, perhaps not enough fertilizer???
Its effecting about 30% of the seedlings, mainly the older ones.
Here are some pics;

The Temperature of the box they are in has been constantly around 25c and the humidity around 70%...
Here are a couple more pics;

Hydroponic growing / My Propagation Box
« : Heinäkuu 01, 2009, 00:09:41 ap »
Here's a few quick pics of my Propagation Box if anyone's interested

 Sorry I haven't got it set up proper to show you, but it'll be up and running end of this month, I'll send a few more pics then. The size of it is 500mm wide x 1500mm long x 500mm high, It holds Approx 200 seedlings or 150 cuttings and there are 6 x 4' florescent grow tubes I also have a small fan I put in the far end of the box for the seedlings and when the cuttings have rooted, the exhaust fan also runs on a thermostat to help keep the temp between 25c - 30c, I adjust the openings in the cover to keep a humidity of about 70% - 80% after a few days when the seeds have sprouted.

Show us your garden! / Anybody ever seen a chilli like this?
« : Kesäkuu 30, 2009, 22:08:54 ip »

ok, the main thing I never seen before is the pods, the flowers are normal, but once the plant drops them, then what you see is a triple chilli, may have to wait abit to see em when they're a bit more grown up, heres a few pics...

Show us your garden! / Seed wish list/Seed toivomuslista
« : Kesäkuu 17, 2009, 08:45:20 ap »
Alla olevia ETSIN jos joku voi auttaa, voin myös harkita muita.

Seed wish list
Here are some I am looking for if anyone can help, I'd also consider others.

7 pod/pot, brown (douglah)
7 pod/pot, jonah
7 pod/pot, orange
7 pod/pot, red
7 pod/pot, yellow
Aji Dulce Yellow
Aribibi Gusano
Assam bhut jolokia             
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate         
Bhut Jolokia Orange              
Bih Jolokia Assam
Bonda ma Jaques                  
Burkina Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Carmine PI 215731
Cili Goronong- yellow, red
Datil Red
Habanero Big Sun
Habanero Cancun
Habanero Congo Black
Habanero Guadelope
Habanero Long Chocolate
Habanero Manzano
Habanero Purple
Habanero Tasmanian Black
Habanero Vietnam
Habanero Yellow pointed
Jamacian Hot Chocolate
Madame Jeanette
Murupi- Red, yellow, orange
Naga Morich
Orange Lantern PI 257127
Peruvian Chinense
Peruvian Golden PI 238052
PI 152452
Pimenta Morango
Red Habanero F1
Scarlet Lantern
Scotch Bonnet Bege
Scotch Bonnet Grenadean
Scotch Bonnet Ichocolate
Scotch Bonnet Orange
Scotch Bonnet Red
Scotch Bonnet TFM
St Lucia Seasoning
Trinidad Bean                     
Trinidad Scorpion, Morouga Blend
West Indian Yellow

Show us your garden! / Seeds to Trade/Siemenet kaupan
« : Kesäkuu 17, 2009, 08:43:33 ap »

Hei kaikille ajatuksen I'd esittää luettelo jopa siitä, mitä minun on trade.Sorry Jos minulla on lähetetty tämän väärään osastoon, mutta en ole löytänyt mistään muualta postata!
Olen myös saanut muiden joten jos joku on kiinnostunut vain PM minut

Hi Guys Just thought I'd put a list up on what I have to trade.Sorry If I have posted this in the wrong section, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post!!!
I've also got others so if anyone is interested just PM me

Antillais Caribbean                
Aribibi Gusano
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate          
Bhut Jolokia                        
Bih Jolokia
Biquinho (red)
Biquinho Doce
Bode (red)
Bode (yellow)
CGN 19193                      
CGN 20812                      
CGN 21469                      
CGN 22090                      
CGN 22093                        
CGN 22097                      
CGN 22207                        
CGN 23209                      
CGN 23250                        
Cheiro Do Norte                            
Congo Yellow                    
Cumari Do Para
Datil yellow                          
Devils Tongue                      
Dorset Naga                      
Grenada Hot                        
Grif 9182
Habanero Caribbean Red
Habanero Cayman Red
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Davie Peach PI 572560
Habanero Harolds St Bart                    
Habanero Inca Golden
Habanero No 44 PI 438643
Habanero Orange                  
Habanero Red
Habanero Tasmanian Red
Habanero Yellow
Habanero Mustard                
Habanero White
Jamacian Yellow
Paper Lantern                                
PI 406987
PI 441620
PI 441680
PI 640899
PI 653675
PI 653677
Pimenta De Neyde              
Red Savina                                  
Scotch Bonnet
Tobago Seasoning
Trinidad Congo                  
Trinidad Habanero                
Trinidad Perfume

Show us your garden! / Season 2009 JungleRain
« : Toukokuu 28, 2009, 07:02:06 ap »
Today 27/05/2009, I planted my first seeds for the year 2009,
I thought that I would get a really good start this season, as my last season was a bit late last time.
they were all soaked in a solution of chamomile tea for approx 18 hrs,
then planted into Jiffy pellets and placed into propagators on a heated base of 28C.
I will germinate the other varieties over the next few months,
growing them using CFL untill they are ready to go outside.
Hopefully by the end of August.
Total of 130 Plants....so far!

12/ C. Pubescens;
2 x Manzano Amarillo
4 x Orange Manzano XL
4 x Yellow Rocoto XL
5 x Ultra Pube
2 x Rocoto Red
5 x Rocoto de Seda
5 x Rojo Peron
5 x Rocoto Grande
4 x Rocoto Peru Bitdomi
5 x CGN 23768
4 x CGN 22797
4 x PI 614001

16/ C. Chinense;
4 x 7 pod/pot, brown (douglah)
4 x 7 pod/pot, yellow
4 x 7 pod/pot, orange
4 x 7 pod/pot, red
4 x 7 pod/pot, Jonah
4 x Trinidad, Morouga red
5 x Trinidad, Morouga yellow
4 x Trinidad Scorpion
5 x Cili Goronong
4 x Chocolate Fatalii
4 x Burkina Yellow Scotch Bonnet
4 x Bondama Jacques
4 x Antillais Caribbean
4 x Chocolate bhut jolokia
4 x Orange bhut jolokia
4 x Assam bhut jolokia

3/ Wild;
5 x Puta Pario PI 260426: C. Chacoense
5 x Capsicum Lanceolatum
4 x Cumari Verdadeira (True): C. Praetermissum

More photos to come as they germinate.
I'm also looking to swap a few seeds for some wild types or others if any one is interested?

Other growing & lighting / Genetics of Inheritance
« : Maaliskuu 12, 2009, 12:39:23 ip »
Hello Fatalli
I also am very interested in Genetics and inheritance, but I know very well about Parrots, I do not know of the characteristics of inheritance with Chilli, ie what is dominant, co-dominant and recessive in certain chilli species etc etc, when crossing certain types..... could you or anyone suggest some good reading about plant breeding?

Show us your garden! / Habanero Sudden Death???
« : Maaliskuu 07, 2009, 13:51:31 ip »
Does any one have a pic or a discription of a Habanero Sudden Death chilli? or is it known by another name?
thanks Grant

Show us your garden! / Black Chilli Plant
« : Helmikuu 19, 2009, 04:51:07 ap »
Hi all and thanks for the welcome

This is my first time being on a list like this so forgive me if I make a few mistakes at first...ie, where I should post my messages etc...
The Black plant I have had now for 2 years, Its been growing in a 300mm pot in an organic potting mix. I got it from my mother in law when she started a small vege patch at my place when she came to stay for a few months from Thailand, she got it form a friend when she ask some Thai people here in Australia if they had some seeds or plants she could have to start her garden and now I have it, I don't know if she got it as a plant or seed.
The chilli fruit grows about 5cm x 1.5cm tapering to a point, upright standing in groups of 3 to 5, they start out black changing to a deep red on maturing, I would rate them a 7/10 in heat and they are very sweet with a apricot after taste.
It is a very fast growing bushy plant about 50cm in height, new shoots start out dark green with purple veins rapidly darkening to  black, still the underside stays dark green. The size of the mature leaves are approx 8.5cm x 3.5cm 
The flower has 6 petals, is a deep purple with a slight bit of white in the centre, I've just cut about 40 good size chillis from this plant and it is flowering again now with a few chillis just appearing, I'll take some photos tomorrow and post them, (how do I posts pics to the list?). This is the first time I have taken seeds from this plant so if anyone wants to do a swap.
Now perhaps I can pick a few brains, Does anyone have any info, web sites or ideas on making a Green House or perhaps where I may purchase a second hand or maybe a new one from here in Australia, the size I will be looking for is approx 12ft x 24ft or there abouts.

regards Grant

Show us your garden! / New Member
« : Helmikuu 19, 2009, 04:49:54 ap »
Hello to everyone,... thanks for letting me join this list.

First of all I'd like to introduce myself, My name is Grant, I'm from Victoria in Australia and I've been growing chillies now indoors under 2x 400w hps for the last year now, first season I was using Rockwool slabs on a flood and drain system but for this season I have changed to using a recirculating  drip system with a coco coir/clay rock mix as a growing medium. Also I grow 25 diff types of chilli plants in 300mm pots, outdoors in soil but for next season I will be changing this to Coco coir/clay rock mix as well  with a drip system also and adding another 25 chilli types, it seems I get alot less problems growing in this media indoors, so lets see what happens next season outdoors. The chillis also grow much faster using hydro as compared to soil. I'll send a few pics soon.The plants I have growing right now are:
Bih Jolokia
Black Pearl
Bishops Crown
Dorset Naga
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Orange
Habanero Peach
Habanero White Bullet
Habanero Peruvian White
Habanero Paper Lantern
Habanero Red Savina
Naga Morich
Peter Pepper Red
Purple Cayenne
Purple Tiger
Royal Black
Scotch Bonnet red
Scotch Bonnet yellow
Thai Birdseye, (bigger and fatter than the Thai Prik Kee Nu)
Thai Yellow
Thai Dragon
Some type of Vietnamese chilli
Some black plant which grows purple flowers, ripens to a bright red and is very hot, sweet and tastest like apricot???
The best of these I will overwinter inside the house and Green House I'm planning on making in the next 2 months, then hopefully take cuttings for next season to add to some newer seeds that I will get.

 regards Grant

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