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Bonchi / Vs: Bugs
« : Joulukuu 02, 2011, 20:18:55 ip »
Ah, so 10 is the magic number of days... I believe I've passed that but I'll continue spraying for a while anyways.
I also have the plants at three different locations so if they return they probably won't attack everything :-)


Bonchi / Vs: Bugs
« : Joulukuu 02, 2011, 17:54:37 ip »
FWIW, after cutting down the plants to Bonchi and continued spraying with soap water, I think I got rid of the spider mites as well.


Bonchi / Vs: Show your bonchis!
« : Marraskuu 27, 2011, 17:07:03 ip »
Inca Red Drop is doing fine, starting to get a nice bend of the stem. Pimenta Da Neyde, though a bit blurry, is doing fine too.


Bonchi / Vs: Bugs
« : Marraskuu 16, 2011, 23:19:03 ip »
Well, google gave me tobacco-water as one poison that should work, and soap-water as another way that kind of suffocates them IIRC.
But also several hits claiming that the soil should be changed.
Anyways, thanks for the help.


Bonchi / Vs: Show your bonchis!
« : Marraskuu 16, 2011, 14:01:58 ip »
Next one, a Morouga Blend :)


Bonchi / Bugs
« : Marraskuu 15, 2011, 14:04:53 ip »
After bringing my chilis inside after the summer they all suffer from a bug that in Swedish is called "spinn" or "spinnkvalster", don't know in English but signs are spots on the leaves and spider-net like threads.

I had Aphids (still have on some) but fought those off by spraying with tobacco-water and soap-water.
That didn't help for the "spinn" though.

Also, no bugs, but two of my bonchis have a bit of mold on the surface of the soil.

Should I change the soil and keep spraying the plants?
Must I remove all traces of old soil from the roots, ie clean them very carefully or is it enough to wash of most of it?
Is there another/better method?



Bonchi / Vs: Show your bonchis!
« : Marraskuu 02, 2011, 11:38:07 ap »
My first post, hi all :-)

First try: Limon and Inca Red Drop, cut down and repotted Oct 20-21; Limon seems to have died but I haven't completely given up yet.

Second: CHampion and Pimenta Da Neyde, cut down and repotted today Nov 02

All pictures from the beginning of these and other plants lives can be seen here.


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