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Cocos hydroponic
« : Lokakuu 03, 2011, 22:23:43 ip »
Hi I'm sorry if I'm wrong but i haven' found topic about about growing in coco medium.I'm new here but no in chilli growing got some good grows in the past yet,but in the soil.The next year I want to grow in hydropnic..Firstly i thought about aqua system(drip) then bubbler but I didn'solve some problems with that, so i decide to grow in cocos but i have some questions.How frequently fertilize?With each watering or just once a week?How long will stay up the nutrients in the cocos?And  one more stupid question what about the taste of peppers from hydroponic?Btw thanks to Fatalii now i think about ebb&flow :D

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Vs: Cocos hydroponic
« Vastaus #1 : Toukokuu 09, 2012, 17:40:28 ip »
When you grow in coco, you can follow normally nutrient guide.
Normally i change my nutrient once in two-three weeks.
Some peppers taste better, when you give just water in last two or three weeks. If you want use nutrient all time: before harvest, just wait two more weeks after your peppers turn red colour. Some peppers taste more fruity when you give more time to mature.
I use nutrients all time, from germinate to harvest.
Only once i got some taste problems with chinenses, when use nutrients all time.
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