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Tervehdys, kaksi samaan aikaan sattunutta teknistä muutosta / ongelmaa summa aiheutti vajaan viikon katkon foorumille. Nyt palvelinohjelmisto on jouduttu päivittämään uuteen ja sekä ulkoasu että toiminnallisuus on muuttunut. Toivotttavasti ei ainakaan kovin paljoa huonompaan suuntaan. Odottamattomia ongelmiakin saattaa ilmaantua.

BonChi metusalems?

Aloittaja Baccata, marraskuu 13, 2011, 21:40:11 ip

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har inte börjad att odla bonchis
(relativ nybörjare med chili-odlande överhuvudtaget)
och ville fråga:

how old can a BonChi get to be? in relation to non-bonsai chili plants?

how old is the oldest bonchi around?
what age was the oldest bonchi zou ever succeeded with?

do they tend to become older than non-bonsais?

that kind of question ...

bin gespannt auf Eure Antworten!

so long,

good to be here


"zou": of course I meant to write "you"
but, as I recently had switched to the
schwedische Tastatur,
my "y"s and "z"s were mixed up -
as mixed-up as my SprachZentrum!  ;D


Longest I've heard of a pepper plant living was about 7-10 years, depending on the type (as in annuum vs. chinense vs. etc).  I would expect a bonchi to reach that same general lifespan as well, as long as its properly cared for that whole time of course.


thanx, Ed, for answering!

so you believe BonChis to reach the same average age as "NormChis"?
no more, no less?   maybe so...

look what I found here (just 1h ago) in Fatalii's Growing guide, "what are chilies?":

"I personally know people who have chili plants that are nearly 40 years old!" -

this should be interesting to learn more about...
although, on the other hand, chilies are said to bear less&less fruit as years go by..
(not sure a ChiliMetusalem without fruit is any fun)

but, back to my original question:
can anyone - perhaps Mr.BonChi himself - tell me/us about
an effect that bonching might have on a chili's life span?
those BonChis look awfully, awsomely healthy...

by the way,
I started my first BonChi experiment yesterday!
it's a Siberian House Pepper (? Sibirische Hauspaprika)
I wasn't going to keep... medium hot but not much taste.
healthy compact plant, ideal, I guess..

well, good night to you,
hope to read more soon!