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An Update from thechileman
« : Helmikuu 11, 2007, 23:41:51 ip »
Hello Everyone,

Most of the regulars on the forum will already be aware of the site. However if you are new to growing chiles you may not be aware of us.

Although the site is still less than a year old, it already contains loads of information However we are constitently looking for new ideas to make the site even better fo you. If youve never visited thechileman before, feel free to drop in. Heres just some of the things on offer:

Not sure what to grow? Check out our quick guides to the many wierd and wonderful pods available:

Still can't decide? Search the Chileman Database. We have information and pictures on nearly 4000 varieties (in 10 languages)!!

A Beginners Guide to growing chiles:

How to get started start & germinate those seeds:

Growing them on, feeding & fertilising:

Fighting Pests & Diseases:

How to harvesting & save seeds for future years:

The chileman kept a growing journal in 2006. See how we overcame overwintering disappointment, hungry slugs & freak hail storms:

Fancy a place in the Guiness Book of World Records? Why not enter our fun growing competition:

Create your own growing list & see what others across the world are growing this year:

Learn about the Hottest Chiles on Earth!

...and what makes them so hot

For the more serious chilehead, learn more about some of the Worlds top Seed Banks & Research Instituions:

Bored with growing your plants in soil? Why not try Hydroponics?

and much much more.

Remember this is your site built for your enjoyment. I hope you like it.