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Another over wintered plant
« : Toukokuu 24, 2008, 20:50:06 ip »
I received this as Cumari Passarhino- C. pratermissum- from Brazil. Flowers look more like baccatum. I started it a year ago this spring and it grew very little last year or over the winter until the past few weeks when it took off. These are also the very first flowers on this plant.


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Another over wintered plant
« Vastaus #1 : Toukokuu 24, 2008, 23:38:21 ip »
Another interesting praetermissum... Might be a crossing between prae and a wild baccatum? Still, praetermissum seems to have more variation than any other wild capsicum I know. So, this might be original, not a crossing. You can see some strange variations of this plant in wild section (under major reconstruction now!).

The "semi-cultivated" wild chilis (c.chacoense, c.eximium/cardenasii, c.praetermissum) all have lots of variation. Endless sources of wonderment for us growers! ;)