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beginner questions about two hydro systems
« : Lokakuu 18, 2009, 21:46:10 ip »
Hello, i have read and looked at the guides at this page for hydro.
But i still have a few questions left.

Am gonna build 2 systems one Ebb&Flow and one Simple bucket.

For the Simple bucket i will use a air pump

540 l/hour. 5W. Pressure 0,014 Mpa. 4 exists. you can control the flow.
Will this air pump be enuf for 4 x 10l buckets? Or shold i have 4 pumps insted with 1 exits on them?

About the Ebb & flow system i am thinking of building somthing to fit 4-5 plants of chili. How big shold it be? how far away does the pots be from each other?
And for how long shold the water stay in the bucket with the roots? Before it dripps down to the tank?

Also a question about having hydros in green houses... the green house gets veary hot in summer so the water wuld be kinda hot as well is it bad for the plant / root system? Around 40c in the air inside green house.

Last question about lights.

Am thinking about buying a LED lamp to use indoors while its still to cold inside green house.
But i dont want to buy a to small lamp that i will regret later on. I will have around 30 plants most will be taken to green house before they get to big. Is one lamp enuf ? or shold i buy 2 smaller ones?

All help is wanted as i am totaly new to this, i want to try those 2 systems out to see if they are as good as ppl say.

Regards /Oscar

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Vs: beginner questions about two hydro systems
« Vastaus #1 : Lokakuu 19, 2009, 02:28:27 ap »
Hi, EBB is great as it is. It's enough simply to raise the water for the roots and then immediately stop the pump and let the water drain away.

For your second system, I highly recommend using water pump instead of air pump, the reasons follows:
Much more efficient and less noise!

About the lamp... it all depends on the lamp, if it's a LED lamp, it's impossible to tell anything about it before trying the lamp. There are different kinds of LEDs sold inside the same cover.

Just keep in mind, for the growing stage, fluorescent tubes close to the plants work great.
Later you can use LED lamps or any other kinds of light, preferably, sun. :)
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Vs: beginner questions about two hydro systems
« Vastaus #2 : Lokakuu 19, 2009, 13:30:29 ip »
Hi thanks for the fast reply.

When i read on some forums and guides about EBB & Flow most ppl says you shold have one waterpump and one air pump isent that overkill?
For the bucket hydro why i wanted the air pump was cuse it had 4 outputs which suited me good. But if a waterpump is better thats the way i will go.
How big pump will i need for a 10l bucket? i guess it wont be more then 5l of water in it? so a small one shold do fine?

Dont wanna buy somthing way to big or to small. But better a bit bigger then to small. As i prolly will switch fully to ebb & flow sometime in the future i culd use the same pump.

Right now i use LE (low energi) lamp for the growning stage a 200w. But it dosent cover up alot... just around 0.6 squre meters... my plan with a LED lamp was to cover upp all my plants in the growing stage.
But i guess its like you say its diff from company to company. I guess i will just try, how far away in the growing stage culd a LED be ~? Hard to tell but what wuld you think?

My LE lamp i got as close i can kinda while in growing stage mybe thats wrong as well?