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Trim, Crop, Cutting
« : Toukokuu 17, 2010, 22:29:57 ip »
Hi everyone.
Please tell me when is the best trim chilles for best grow potencial?
I hear something about 2 floor trim is best but you know It is my fist lesson ;)

And please what mean : picking off the  flowers at early stage of growing helps to maximize the yield, especially when growing indoors?

When I will piccking(destroying) flower in first stage of flowering - it will be better??? Really?

Thank you guys...
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Sorry for my English

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Vs: Trim, Crop, Cutting
« Vastaus #1 : Toukokuu 18, 2010, 02:57:11 ap »
Picking flower buds at early stage of growing will let plant grow bigger and stronger, before making pods, so it can carry more yield at same time.
If you let young plant make flowers, flowering stage will slow down growing...
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