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JungleRain's new 2010/2011 Season

Aloittaja JungleRain, elokuu 11, 2010, 05:15:33 ap

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This weekend 01/08/2010 I have 110 varieties germinating, I haven't been on the forum for some time as 
I have a serious neck injury which has been causing me a bit of pain for a while and I haven't been able to plant seed till the start of August,
which is much later than when I planted seeds last year so hopefully I haven't started them too late.
Also I still have 50 varieties from last years crop still growing.
I'm sure I'll still plant a few more varieties yet this season!!!

The Beginning;


Bhut Jolokia Chocolate x 7pot/pod Yellow f3
Bhut Jolokia x Hab Red Mayan
Bhut Jolokia x PDN (pimenta elisa) f2
Cuppucino Kapowie
Fatalii x Cleos Dragon
Fatalii x Peruvian Chinense
Fatalii Hybrid
Jalabenero...Jalepeno x Habanero
Nagalone chocolate
T Scorp x Bhut Jolokia
7pot/pod white hybrid f3
7pot/pod white hybrid f3 strain2
Devils tongue white f3
Bhut Jolokia x Giant White Habanero f3
Douglah x f2

C. Pubescens

Brown Rocoto
CGN 19243 Gondol
White Rocoto

C. Chinense

7 Molhos
7 pot/pod Primo
Aji Cachucha
Ajoema chocolate
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 1
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 2
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 3
Bhut Jolokia from Guhahat
Bhut Jolokia from Jorhat
BGH 1723
BGH 4224
Big Bang Naga
GRIF 9225
GRIF 9238
GRIF 9246
Habanero Chocolate Twisted
Habanero Caribbean Red with tail
Habanero Condors Beak
Habanero Pink
Habanero Peach
Habanero Tixpehual
Hawaii Beach Pepper
Habanero Vietnam
Inca Glow
Luiza Yellow Pumpkin
Monster Naga
Mayamar Naga 1
Mayamar Naga 2
Naga Bali
Olho De Peixe
Pimenta Morango
PI 315019
PI 315022
PI 315023
PI 199506
PI 441619
PI 438642
PI 439410
PI 439370
PI 257067
PI 215733
PI 224448
PI 439479
PI 439420
PI 439447
Roatan Pumpkin
Rapa Ticao
Scotch Bonnet Foodarama
Siling Labuto
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Trinidad Scorpion CARDI yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate
Trinidad Scorpion green
Peito De Moca

C. Baccatum

Aji Panca
Snow White

C. Frutescens

CGN 16985 Parvoacuminatum
CGN 22817 Lombok
GRIF 9223
GRIF 9229

C. Annuum

CGN 17232 Emamapa
CGN 20506 Urka Bangla
CGN 23579 Kirmou
Cheese Pimento
Hot FIsh
Tiny Samoa
Bellingrath Gardens
Purple Flash
Marconi Golden


CAP 1498
CGN 19198 f3
C. Ciliatum
Cumari Large
Cumari Irregular
Cumari Do Werner
Cumari da Mata
Pimenta do Interior do Brasil
Passarinho Parnif
4 Cores Do Santiago
Pimenta Trepadeira Do Werner (this one should be very interesting... apparently it has the characteristics of a climber , vine. from Brasil)
Ulpica Large


7pot/pod Brain
7pot/pod Barrakapore
7pot/pod Douglah strain 1
7pot/pod Douglah strain 2
7pot/pod Jonah
7pot/pod Julian
7pot/pod Long
7pot/pod White
7pot/pod Yellow
Aji Limon
Aji Pineapple
Antalais Caribbean
Bahamian Finger
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Berbere Hot
Bhut Jolokia Assam
Bhut Jolokia Choc
Bhut x GWH f2
Big Sun
Bih Jolokia
Bonda Ma Jaque
CGN 21469
CGN 23209
Cumari do Para
Devils Tongue White
Dorset Naga
Fatalli Yellow
Hab Chocolate
Hab Mustard
Hab Wht Jellybean
Habanero Golden
Naga Morich
PI 441620
PI 441680
PI 497982
PI 572560
PI 585278
PI 614001
Pimenta Preta Laranja
Prik Gai Riang
Scotch Bonnet TFM
T Scorp Huge
T Scorp SR
T. Scorp Chocolate
T. Scorp Moruga
T. Scorp Moruga yellow
T. Scorp Sunrise
T. Scorp x T. Congo
T.scorp AJ
Trinidad Scorpion


Fine start with lots of interesting varieties.
Funny this "time shift".  We have harvest time here now and you just germinate. In March it is your turn to get red tasty chillies and we germinate our seeds.


That list looks great, I'm sure you will catch up as you have some fine weather down under. Good luck with your 2011 season
Don't play with fire, but play with Wild Chilli's


It looks very nice! :)
But i must ask. Do you need any seeds? :) :)


you can never have enough seeds  ;D

Lainaus käyttäjältä: MasaT - elokuu 11, 2010, 23:56:48 ip
It looks very nice! :)
But i must ask. Do you need any seeds? :) :)


Greetings from Finland! Looks really nice! Im just wondering what kind of system do you use and how is your project doing? Any pictures available??
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Ok so after a great begininng.......things began to fall apart,  :'(
I left my babies with a baby sitter whist we were away in Thailand and of course you can guess what went wrong!!!!!
they weren't properly looked after. &^*&^%$^%$$#)  >:(
So now this is what I have left;

CAP 1498
4 Cores Do Santiago
7pot/pod Primo
7pot/pod white hybrid f3
Aji Cachucha
Bellingrath Gardens
Bhut Jolokia Joraht
Bhut Jolokia x Red Mayan
Bhut Jolokia x T Scorp
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain1
Bhut Jolokia yellow strain 2
Big Bang Naga
Brazilian Interior
C. Cilatum
CGN 16985 Parvoacuminatum
CGN 17232 Emamapa
CGN 19243 Gondol
CGN 20506 Urka Bangla
CGN 22817 Lombok
CGN 23579 Kirmou
Cheese Pimento
Cumari Interior
Cuppucino Kapowie
Devils Tongue white f3
Bhut Jolokia x PDN strain 1 (pimenta elisa) f2
Bhut Jolokia x PDN strain 2 (pimenta elisa) f2
Fatalii Cream
Hab Condors Beak
Habanero Caribbean/tail
Habanero red Mayan
Habanero Tixpehual
Habolokia Chocolate
Hawaii Beach Pepper
Huge choc twisted Hab
Luiza yellow pumpkin
Marconi Golden
Monster Naga
Myamar Naga strain 2
Naga Bali
Naga Jolokia x Tobasco f2
Nagalone chocolate
Peito de Moca
PI 439410
Roatan Pumpkin
Rocoto white
Scotch Bonnet Foodarama
Siling Labuyo
Snow White
T. S Cardi yellow
T. Scorp butch t
T. Scorp chocolate f3
T. Scorp green
T. Scorp x Pimento Morango strain1
T. Scorp x Pimento Morango strain2
Pimenta Trepadeira Do Werner

I've still to get them in the ground but with this damn injured neck things are slow
I'll try and post a few pics this week end
also most of my over wintered plants died also, I think there are around 10 or so left


And here is a comparison of the 2 strains I have of the Bhut Jolokia x PDN strain 1 & 2 (pimenta elisa) AISPES


Sorry I haven't posted any pics for a while, sooooo heres a start, more to follow very soon

Pimenta de Neyde, flower from over wintered plant

Here's another of my Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate f2 AISPES that I overwintered, nice cluster of Flower buds

These two are very rare C.Annuums from the Bhuddist Kingdom of Bhutan,
a very remote country in the Himilayan mountain range

One of my C. Lanceolatums from last year. I had thought this one was dead and discarded it,
and then today I accidentally ripped it up when emptying some old pots, so I cut it back and had to repot it.
I hope it survives....


Kellu Uchu also known as Aji Lemon Drop (PI 315024)

and heres a C. Pubescens CGN 23768, that grew over winter its just ripening now.


some more pepper porn, however not much is happening still

Here one I got labled 7 Molhos, C. Chinese
however it turned out to be a C. Annuum, does anyone have any ideas of what it could be????

7 Molhos NOT
7Molhos_unripe pod NOT

7Molhos_flower NOT

My best hybrid so far,

Bhut Jolokia Chocolate x 7potpod Yellow f3

A couple of interesting variants of AISPES hybrids "Pimenta Elisa"

Bhut Jolokia x PDN black pimenta elisa f2 AISPES

Bhut Jolokia x PDN green pimenta elisa f2 AISPES

A Couple of Wilds;
Capcicum Ciliatum

Capsicum Tovarii

Here are some new pics of My white flowered C. Pubescens,
which is in its second year and has only just started to pruduce pods

CGN22797 White_flower

CGN22797 White_first pod

another nice hybrid

Trinidad Scorpion x Pimento Morango (black)

Habanero Red Caribbean with tail

Pimenta de Neyde in it second year of growing


After a really bad 2010/2011 season I have finally gotten around to taking a few photos
Most plants have only a few pods whilst others have only just flowered
but there's still alot to ripen up...but its getting to the end of the season.
This dismal crop has made me even more determined for the next seasons crop

Garden Febuary 2011

7pot/pod orange

7pot/pod long

7pot/pod Primo NOT

7pot/pod white hybrid f3 V2

Bahamian Goat Pepper

Bhut Jolokia chocolate x 7pot/pod yellow f3 V1

Bhut Jolokia chocolate x 7pot/pod yellow f3 V2

Bhut Jolokia x Cleo's Dragon

Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta de Neyde f2 V2 Pimenta Elisa Blk

Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta de Neyde f2 V1 Pimenta Elisa Grn

Bhut Jolokia yellow


Brazillian Interior

C. Baccatum with purple edging

C. Cilatum

C. Tovarii

Cuppaccino Kapowie

CGN 17232

CGN 20506

Cheese Pimento

Devil's Tongue white f3

Leaf formation of Devil's Tongue white

Fatall Cream

Habanero Golden

Hawaiin Beach Pepper

Huge Manzano Canario 1

Huge Manzano Canario 2

Monster Naga

Peito de Mocca

Rapa Ticao

Red Mayan

Strange C. Frutescens flower

Trinidad Scorpion x Bhut Jolokia f2

Trinidad Scorpion x Bhut Jolokia f2

Trinidad Scorpion x Pimenta Morango ripe

Trinidad Scorpion x Pimenta Morango unripe


Hi JR!

Nice to see You are back in business, after that terrible last season. Or may I say, really bad mate, who killed major part of plants... :/
Well, next time You go to holiday trip, make sure you have more reliable watering system ;)

Nice pics tho and interesting vars...

How bout ur fermenting project going? I've been reading of that on thehotpepper.com. Any new sauces??

Take care m8,
"Puhdas kapsaisiini saattaa olla huonoa vatsalle." :D


Amazing peppers Jungelrain, great to see Blondie there:)

Have a great season.



Thanks Patrik..yes the blondie was a good producer


Here are a few more pics of pods towards the end of the season now

Habolokia chocolate talas strain

Pimenta Elisa Grn AISPES

Pimenta Elisa Blk AISPES

Habanero Golden

Bhut Jolokia yellow

Aji Pineapple

Bhut Jolokia chocolate x 7pot/pod yellow V2 F3 unripe



Manzano Orange


Here are a few photos taken today of the "Mili" (Caribbean Red X Chocolate / Irradiatet gamma rays mutant)
which germinated 1/7/2010


BhutJolokia chocolate x 7pod/pot yellow V1 F3

Cappuccino Kapowie

Datil x Limon F2


Some more Pepper Porn;

Myamar Naga

Hawaii Beach Pepper



Here's some pics of the hybrids I'm growin this season,

7pot/pod white hybrid V2 f3

Trinidad Scorpion x Pimenta Morango

Trinidad Scorpion x Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia  x  7pot/pod yellow V1 F3

Bhut Jolokia  x  Habanero Red Mayan

Big Bang Naga

Cardi yellow Trinidad Scorpion  x  BhutJolokia

Cuppacino Kapowie

Fatalii  x  CleosDragon

Habolokia chocolate Habanero chocolate x Bhut Jolokia Talas  Strain

Monster Naga

Naga Morich  x  Tobasco  V1 F2

Pimenta Elisa_grn AISPES BhutJolokia  x  Pimentade Neyde F2

Could anyone tell me the origins of these peppers???;

Monster Naga
Cuppacino Kapowie
Big Bang Naga


Esta temporada está quase concluída, no próximo mês vou começar a minha nova temporada

This season is almost finished, next month I will start on my new season

7pot/pod Jonah x Trinidad Scorpion ButchT

Bhut Jolokia xRed Mayan

Trinidad Scorpion CARDI yellow x Bhut Jolokia

Fatalii x Cleo's Dragon

Pimenta Elisa grn AISPES ... Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta de Neyde

Trinidad Scorpion x Bhut Jolokia

Trinidad Scorpion x Pimenta Morango