Kirjoittaja Aihe: Capsicum annuum "Tepin from Peru" X C. baccatum "Lemon Drop"  (Luettu 16636 kertaa)

Poissa MelT

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Both the "Tepin from Peru" X C. baccatum "Lemon Drop"  and its cross with C. chacoense "Cobincho" mentioned in produced good seedlings, but unfortunately I let the X C. chacoense
crosses dry out and they all died.  I will have to make that cross again. 

The "Tepin from Peru" X "Lemon Drop" seedlings grew into interesting hybrid plants.  Fairly low-growing and spreading, 

they had small white flowers similar to their C. annuum parent, but were clearly marked with the green spots of C. baccatum. 

Numerous small fruits formed, unripe ones exposed to sun developed some of the pigmentation characteristic
of "Tepin from Peru" and its hybrids. 

The fruits ripened red and were quite hot.   

It seems likely that the F2 seeds in these fruits may be infertile; they were few [often just 1 per fruit]
and varied in size.  I will try growing them next season. 

Poissa Mandrake

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Vs: Capsicum annuum "Tepin from Peru" X C. baccatum "Lemon Drop"
« Vastaus #1 : Elokuu 21, 2017, 21:13:07 ip »
Pity that this thread didnt get any attention! From what I have understood, this hybrid has been a very successful one and produces abundant crops of tasty pods!
Ill be growing some f4/f5 seeds next season, and I am really waiting to taste this one!