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Mr annums chilli discovery!
« : Maaliskuu 07, 2011, 14:52:02 ip »
Hello you chileheads!

my name is jocke and lives in sweden. i just recently got intrested in growing, but i don´t particulary like to grow flowers but eatables.

so i started sowing cucumber, smultron, sunflowers tomatoes and then paprika and cayenne chile.

i then found this wonderful forum and fell in love with just chiles so from now on chile is the way to go.

i have now sown jalapeno and piri piri also but the only chili that has come up is cayenne and paprika,

the cayenne on the picture is only 4, 1/5 weeks from seed and i am porud of it being compact and not spindly.

REally compact with many leaf sets

My seedling cabinet running out of space, waiting for my 400 w Hps so i can start some serious growth now i kinda need them to stay compact and don´t grow into the lights, it is to early to be in the windows (to little sun) and i hate spindly plants they look really Ugly.

well that was my introduction i wish i had some bolivian rainbow, and naga morich seed  but as a student i can´t afford it all, to bad that it is already march soon it is getting to late to start from seeds.

i am also very intrested in hydroponics but need to buy a ph and ec meter before i start ebb and flow project. by the way i am using tap water with a ph of 8 !!! that is not good need a ph meter so i can lower it.

i need advise for the cayenne, jalapeno, piripiri, wich one likes it more wet or dry? so i can adjust my watering ?
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