toukokuu 25, 2024, 14:58:42 ip


Iloista kasvatuskautta !!

Näytä viestit

Tämä jakso sallii sinun katsoa tämän jäsenen kaikkia viestejä. Huomaa, että näet vain niiden alueiden viestit, joihin sinulla on nyt pääsy.

Aiheet - scion

Bonchi / My First Bonchi
tammikuu 31, 2014, 23:05:24 ip

I have many overwinter plants about 10 have gone due to lack water, over water and other factors. One of the Rocoto De Seda plants I have been trying to grow as bonchi.

August 6, 2013

I chose this plant for Bonchi because it is not prolific, small pods and it had grown very big and tall. The container is more than 6 gallon. The other Rocoto Plants I had were very prolific and pods were also very big.

January 2014

It is about 2 weeks now, there is no sign of new shoots, is it dead? How long it would take to grow new shoots? Any tips to keep this plant alive is welcome.

Traditional growing / Overwinter Plants not dormant
marraskuu 09, 2013, 19:08:28 ip
My overwinter plants got new shoots so fast. Some of them have flower buds too. I give less water, fertilizer and light.

August 25, 2013

November 09, 2013 the same plant after pruned/overwinter. All the branches are new.

Should I pruned again?

Thanks in advance.



I am confused about these two varieties 7 Pod C. chinense yellow and 7 Pod Brain Strain Yellow. I Googled for information and found some pictures, they seems to me all are same.

What is difference between these two varieties 7 Pod and 7 Pod Brain Strain?

Thanks in advance.


I am the only one posting questions here, because I love this site  :)

This season my plants yielded a lot of beautiful pods. Scropion Moruga Blend yellow, Fatali Yellow and Rocoto De Seda yellow are the best plants. Blue Mystery, Tepin, C.chacoense and pequin are also yield very well. I have grown them as a hobby gardener. Still now I have a lot of unripe pods, really I feel lucky to see my plants  :)

For the next season I have not sow any seeds yet. I have been doing some kinds of overwinter such as trimmed the branches without re-potting. I have read overwinter plants have not yield a lot of pods like a new plants. So it makes me worry for the next season.

My question, request for your answer is " how much it could be different yield between an overwinter plant and a new plant?"

Thanks in advance.


Traditional growing / Caterpillar
syyskuu 08, 2013, 09:58:21 ap
Hi  :-[

First they attacked my tomatoes I killed most of them. I thought they have gone but I am wrong. They changed their menu from sweet to hot. Yesterday I found a couple of holes on the scorpion pods I did not know who made it. Today I found this culprit inside the Ghost pods.

Scorpion and Ghost are growing next to the tomatoes. Still they have tomatoes to eat  :o all may tomatoes are getting ripe so they changed their menu  >:(

I do not have question but express my frustration here  :) and any advice about caterpillar are welcome. Next season I would use BT before they attack my plants.


I have a question about crossed chili plant. I have grown many different varieties super hot chilies next to each other. Is it possible the pods of the plants (germinated from the true variety seeds) crossed? Sign of crossed  such as the shapes, the taste and the size? I have not grown them for seeds so I do not much care about the seeds from these plants. I think only the seeds from these plants could be crossed (next generation) if we used the seeds but the plant are not crossed. If you need further more information regarding to my question please do not hesitate to ask me.

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / Overwinter Question
elokuu 18, 2013, 23:54:08 ip
Hi chili lovers,

Is it possible to keep this plant without overwinter, indoor with grow light. Not only to keep this plant alive, I am thinking about productivity too just like outdoor. I started this plant from seed indoor this season and it has been outdoor many months now.

Another questions is, is it possible over winter multiple plants in one big container?

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / Fatali has problem
elokuu 13, 2013, 21:11:29 ip
I think our members do not have much problems except me  :-[

I have few Fatali Yellow plants they are still doing very well but I am worried for the possible problems in near future.

The first sign of problem was, the leaves are crispy/brittle like potato chips and old leaves also dropped earlier than the others (scorpion, ghost, 7 pods etc). I have some minor problems of aphids and leafhoopers too.

Last week we got rain and I found one of the Fatali containers were full of water, all the pine bark mulch were floating, it was flooded about 6/7 hours, then I opened the drainage hole and drained the water completely (soil is well drained).

Now the leaves have developed some kind of rusty color but I do not know the real cause of these problems. I have been told to treat/flush out the soil with vinegar mixed water but I am a bit hesitate to do it because it can change the pH level a lot.

Here is the pictures.

Closed up shot

This plant is very young and the leaves/stem are also very tender but has a lot of pods. Still now none of the pods dropped. Some tips of the leaves are dried/burnt I think it is wind damage because since last few days we are getting very strong wind.

All my plants get the same growing condition/water/fertilizer.

I am requesting your advice to prevent any possible problems.

Thanks in advance.

Other growing & lighting / Plant Psychology
elokuu 11, 2013, 21:45:22 ip
As a new hobby gardener I have a lot of questions. May be some of the questions were not be so important but my curiosity pushes me to ask the questions  :).

Plants have no brain so there may not be a question of "plant psychology". This question arises due to my practical experiences. I do not have enough space for my plants so I moved them so many times before, at least twice/thrice a day. The plants are getting bigger and moving around damage a lot of new branches too. Some of the plants I stopped moving around and I found that they have grown more natural and better than the frequently moving one. Touching and bending the leaves and branches to find insects/bugs are not what I meant. I moved them from one location to other location. I am not sure it is the plants' psychology or my psychology. In any case I think my plants do not like to be disturb.

Have you got any experiences just like I have? I am looking for your opinions.

Another question here is "How long ripe pods can stay on the plants without any damage?" I have many Super Hot Chili plants with ripe pods. They are so beautiful I have been waiting to get ripe most of them in the plants. I think if I removed all the ripe pods then there should be possible to get second harvest but I do not care much about it. Still the plants are getting flowers and new pods too.

Thanks in advance.

Wild Chiles / No flowers at all - Wild Chili
elokuu 10, 2013, 23:55:39 ip
I have few wild chili C.chacoense plants all of them have a lot of flowers and pods except one. This one is one of the best healthy plants but no flowers. All of them are same age and same batch/same seeds source.

Thanks in advance

A beginner's mistake made again. I found some aphids on my Goji plants and I sprayed Bayer's insecticidal soap and the problem has been solved without hurting the plant.

After a few days I found some black aphids on my Aji Amarillo. Really I hate use insecticide/pesticide on my chili plants I never ever got any positive result from them. Last year also Bayer's insecticide/pesticide gave the same problem. This times also I was hesitated to use it but I thought Goji had no problem so it would be fine with the chili plants. So I sprayed the leftover Bayer's Insecticidal Soap. As a result the leaves are burned and a lot of flowers were lost however the pods are still hanging on the plant.

Have you had any experiences like this before and if so how did you fix the problem? Seriously I need your advice.

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / Rocoto De Seda needs your help
heinäkuu 04, 2013, 22:06:28 ip
My rocoto have some kind bumpy spots on the pods. the bumpy spot skin is not soft or hard it is normal.

Most of the time they could not get sunlight because the rocoto plant has a lot of dense leaves.

Please help me to find out this problem and a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / Request Fertilizer Advice
heinäkuu 01, 2013, 17:06:18 ip
My super hot chilies are getting pods and I think they may need more nutrients than before. I have three different liquid fertilizer:

1. Chilli Focus 3.0:1.0:4.4
2. Prima NPK 3-1-4
3. Diploma Universal NPK 5-1-2

I am not able to decide which one would be the best for my plants. All my plants are growing very well but I am worried about the pod size and productivity. Some of the plants' first pods are smaller than the new pods.

I am requesting your advice and recommendation of fertilizer based on the NPK or brand names. Method of fertilizing, such as full strength or half. A lot of information and advice found on the Net sometimes it makes me confuse to use the right one. This subject would be already discussed very long time before but still we need to get advice, tips and tricks from your valuable experiences. I am just a new beginner, I need mentors  :-\.
Traditional growing / 7 Pod Brain Strain?
kesäkuu 24, 2013, 00:10:05 ap
My 7 Pod brain strain looks like Ghost. This is my first time grow so I do not know they are real or crossed.

Please help me to identify this plant. Are they really 7 Pod Brain Strain Red?

Thanks in advance.

Other growing & lighting / Leaves management
kesäkuu 23, 2013, 13:39:42 ip
Many of my super hot chili plants have a lot of leaves. I am thinking to prune the leaves to give more sunlight and air flow. Is it a good idea and have you any experiences of leaves pruning? I would like to get some tips.

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / Ghost Orange Leaves have spot
kesäkuu 20, 2013, 23:45:06 ip
Here I am again. I do not know our forum is not very active or may be our members do not have much problems to their plants, let it be  :)

I have many Ghost Red and Orange they have all similar spots on the old leaves. Over all the plants are healthy and getting fruits. I do not consider it is normal. Please help me to find out a solution and the cause of this leave spots.

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / Purple color stem
kesäkuu 08, 2013, 23:50:29 ip
My Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Yellow got purple color stem, is it normal characteristic of this variety? I have grown it under grow lights and sunlight. My friend also have grown scorpion under perfect sunlight and temperature her plants got only the green color stem. Our seeds sources are the same.

This pod has no tail too. Is it too small or is it a crossed scorpion? My friends's pod has tail.

Full size piture:

Thanks in advance.

Traditional growing / The season and fungus gnats
toukokuu 08, 2013, 16:58:55 ip
How would you prevent fungus gnats in this season? My plants are not yet invaded by fungus gnats but saw a few of them around the plants. I knew the usual opinions of keep the upper soil layer dry, avoid over watering and spray the soil hydrogen peroxide mixed water.

Before I used cat litter for mulch those days I could not see any fungus gnats. However I could not confirm cat litter prevent fungus gnats because the time I used cat litter was in January the time fungus gnats were not very active.

Please share your experiences and let's keep this forum active  :)

Traditional growing / Scorpion leaves problem
huhtikuu 27, 2013, 00:19:01 ap
Hi chili lovers :),
My Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Yellow got curled leaves. I have been trying to get help and information by Googling and posting but not much helpful still now. So I am looking for help to our forum here.

I think it is not "Thrips or Aphid" because I cannot find any eggs, insects and honey dew upper and under the leaves.

A couple of days for a few hours I put it outside for few hours for the first time in this season to hardened off.


This seedling is Ghost Yellow. These leaves transparency started since it got real leaves. I do not know it is genetic problems or disease.

I would like to cut it off all these leaves and like to see the new leaves.



We got discount elho containers from Silvan. It is really cheap so I have bought some of them.

I bought 3 different sizes.

ElhoTorino Campana Square

1. 30 cm/ 12 liters/ 3 gallons
2. 40 cm/ 12 liters/ 6 gallons (I have read this size is good for super hot chili plants.
3. 46 cm/ 44 liters/ 11 gallons

I am seeking your opinions here is about this huge container 46 cm. I was thinking to plant two plants but I do not get any positive advice ???, I have so many well known super hot chili seedlings but I cannot decide which one should goes to this huge containers.



Traditional growing / Cold Wind or Disease?
maaliskuu 26, 2013, 14:45:07 ip

Since last few days we got sunshine but still the freezing cold wind is not yet disappear.

To strengthen (hardened off) the plants I put the plants outside the sunshine for few hours everyday. Some of them got obvious sign of stress such as wilt. Today I found many of my plants are like this one:

Is it the cold wind of a kind of disease?

I am requesting your advice.

Hi everyone,

The climatic condition of Finland and Denmark are almost same I guess. 27F in Finland, Helsinki and here 30F today so closed :). So I would like to get some help for container soil recipe. Now the soil I use is pine bark based I learned it from USA based enthusiasts but the climatic condition between the USA and Denmark is a lot different. One of the enthusiasts advised me to get help from here the forum because we are in EU and the climatic condition are almost same. I think it was a good advice.

Please give me some link or advice about your soil preparation for containers. Recently I used 3 parts pine bark fine and 1 part sphagnum and 1 part perlite as seedling soil just for experiment. The result is not yet known.

Before I used only the potting soil bags  from the supermarkets, nothing mixed and modified. I think it was sphagnum, peat moss and compost.

This season we got some new potting soils from Germany:

Sincerely I am requesting your help and advice for container soil mix and seedling soil.

Thanks in advance.


Traditional growing / Rusty Leaves
maaliskuu 09, 2013, 21:43:12 ip

A couple of my Trinidad Scorpion Moruga seedlings have rusty leaves recently:

It is new to me if you have any idea, please advise me.

Your opinions are welcome and will be respected.


Traditional growing / White hair under the leaves
maaliskuu 07, 2013, 14:47:02 ip
You may find this post to another forum too. I am a member of another forum so I do upload pictures, request for help and giving opinions I usually do. As a chili enthusiast it doesn't matter to me which forum I participated it matters to me the information/help I got and gave.

After exposing two days about 5 hours each to the outside sunlight I got hairs under the leaves it affected more on the top leaves than the lower ones. This plant is Bhut Jolokia Red.

This picture is before I exposed to the outside sunlight there is no sign of any white hairs under the leaves:

These pictures are after I exposed to the outside sunlight:

The upper leaves has no problems, there is no white hair or white fungus:

This is my first grown Bhut Jolokia Red to see all these white hair make me confuse and unable to do anything else. So I am requesting your help to identify this problem and start proper treatment with insecticide or pesticide.

Your advice are welcome and will be appreciated.




:) I got my first Jolokia/Umorok/Ghost/Bhut flower. The outside is pretty cold the recent snow are not yet melting, I cannot put the plant outside so there is no way to get pollination by insects. Somewhere I have read chilies are doing self-pollination. So I cannot make a decision now, should I do hand pollination or just leave it and wait?

Thanks in advance.


Traditional growing / Is it time to re-pot?
helmikuu 15, 2013, 21:10:54 ip

I am looking for your advice. Is it time to re-pot the seedling?

The root are getting longer but I do not know how long should I wait for re-potting.

Thanks in advance.


Traditional growing / Black Pearl Seeds Getting Black
helmikuu 06, 2013, 16:31:56 ip

Usually I use paper towel and zip lock bag method for germination of chili seeds. I used tap water to moisten the paper towel and keep them warm.

I sowed the seeds Aji Amarillo, Black Pearl, Habanero Tree, Snow White, Cumari and 7 Pot Brain Strain on 1st February 2013. Aji Amarillo started germination but the Black Pearl seeds are getting bluish/black color. I never ever have such type of experience before. So I am looking for a clue here. This is my first time grow Black Pearl.

Any help will be appreciated.


Traditional growing / New Leaves so pale, help
helmikuu 03, 2013, 14:05:30 ip

I am a new gardener I do not have much experiences. I have some chili seedlings most of them are super hot chilies. Now two of my ghost chili plants' new leaves are so pale. I cannot figure it out the reason of this problem. I use some florescent lamps not all the time. I am afraid to give fertilizer because I had bad experiences of over fertilize before. The soil is not damp and water regularly.

I am looking for your help. Any help will be very much appreciated.



First of all, thank you for this website.

I am from Denmark, I am a new container gardener. Last year I registered in this forum but I have not posted any post due to the language problem. I have a problem of English version selection.

Only today I was informed that the forum has English version then I tried and somehow I got here. This is my first post.  Briefly I am telling you all my problem. If I log in direct to the forum I always get Finnish version and when I log in from the I got English version. Is it normal or  is it a problem of my account set up?

Any help will be appreciated.