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fastest germination way

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hi everyone.

I'm trying to germinate several varieties on my routeur (for the heat, it's almost perfect, I reach the 27°C almost all day long).
but, I'd like to ask you... what's the best medium for germination between coton and direct in a mix of compost and coconut.

there's a seed (from my "surprise chile mix" I received with my order) growing slowly on the compost, but it took almost a week for getting out of the soil.( I know it's not so long, but I'm quite impatient  ;D )

thank you in advance.



I prefer rockwool cubes. Easiest and most risk-free way to germinate.
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thanks for answering.

but , personnally I don't like rockwool cubes... too irritant for me, and I don't like to manage ph.

between the two propositions I did, wich one is the faster one ?


I like the paper towel method personally. I guess that's probably quite similar to your cotton method, although I don't normally use another piece of paper towel on top of the seed. I just place them on the paper that's wrapped around some floating material and placed in a cup with just enough water that the "raft" begins to float. Even if the shoot is left for a while and starts to put down roots into the paper, it can still be safely removed because the paper fibres will break easier than the roots.


Thanks for your answer InkRose.

Yes, I guess it's probably very similar.
personnaly, I put the seed on a piece of coton, and I add another half coton piece above. the two coton pieces are moistened before ( but not soaked of course). Then I put all this in a little metal or plastic box and I  put this box in a warm place.

I think I've got my answer now... both are ok, but I think I prefer the coton method, just to not wait a long time for a seedling that maybe would never grow.

thanks, I'll can go to my exams without being afraid for my seedlings now.


You'll want to make sure not to close the box too tight, of course, or it'll start growing mould once the oxygen levels go low enough.


dont worry, my boxes aren't hermetic enough to prevent air entering, but are closed enough to avoid leakage of moisture, and close enough of the routeur to be at the right temperature.
and I'm just leaving for 2 days, so I'm not very afraid.



hi guys !

just to give some news.
quite good germination rate in cotton for the moment. on 17 seeds, 13 popped up.

but, as a beginner, I forgot to weel write the names of the varieties on every pot... so I've got 3 trinidad scorpion morouga blend pots when I only made 2 seeds., and I don't know for the moment wich one is the wrong one !  ::)  hope I'll can guess later, at least at flowering or fruiting.

(I'm almost sur I only put 2 seeds of every variety, apart the "surprise chile mix" from whose I only made one)

it makes me crazy for 2 days now...


Are all three TSMB pots supposed to contain chinense varieties? You can usually tell chinenses apart from the others by their leaves, once they grow a true pair or two.


I made those ones :
habaneros brown large (chinense)
bolivian rainbow (annuum)
short tabasco yellow (frutescens)
da neyde (chinense)
bhut jolokia (chinense or frutescens, depending on source )
trinidad scorpion morouga blend (chinense)
cap 1473 (microcarpum/annuum)
tepin eastern travis county. (annuum)

and I think it's a short tabasco yellow that I labelled as a TSMB. so, for the moment, I've got one STY I'm sur of wath it is, and three TSMB but one of them is certainly a STY. is it possible to differentiate a frutescens from a chinense at growing time ?
among the TSMB, only one is already showing it's first "leaves"(I mean its embryonic leaves).
do you think it's this one that could be the STY? they all were sown in the same time, and under the same climatic conditions. could the germination time be "variety dependant"?



Short Yellow Tabasco is an annuum, actually. It's certainly a misleading name, and the pod looks a bit like true Tabasco I guess, but still. I would imagine you will be quite easily able to tell which is TSMB and which is SYT, once they get one or two pairs of true leaves. TSMB I believe has typical chinense leaves, i.e. relatively large and "bumpy", whereas SYT's leaves are typical annuum shape but a little smaller (the difference gets more pronounced as the plant grows), fairly narrow and quite flat.