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Trouble Rooting Bhut Jolokia Cuttings

Aloittaja Edymnion, lokakuu 11, 2011, 21:07:45 ip

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Has anyone else had any experience trying to root bhut cuttings?

I have some cuttings that are several weeks (at least 2, possibly 3 by now) that show absolutely no signs of rooting.  I've got some in moist potting soil, I've got some in coir, I've even got one in a glass of plain water.

Carefully dug up one that was in coir to see if it was ready for real soil yet, and nadda.  The leaves and stems up top still look perfectly fine and happy, but there is no rooting occuring at all.  I did some with rooting hormone, some without, doesn't seem to have made any difference.

Are these things really just that hard to root?



I cut the top of one of my BJ's 5 wks ago and just put it in a beer can with water. It has'n grown in size (15cm) but the can is now full of roots and there are 10 pods maturing nicely so I figure you just need to wait. If the cuttings seems healthy just wait and see. Maybe the one in the glass will develope quicker if you move it into a can so the root is away from direct light?



i agree with Lusha

just wait they will root soon
sometimes chili cuttings need a few weeks to show some growth signs of their roots

and yeah, as Lusha mentionend, try to keep the roots away from direct light



Today my Can Naga looks like this. Lots of nice pods and there are more on their way ;)