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Question on germination

Aloittaja Geefixx, maaliskuu 22, 2012, 08:27:17 ap

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Hey guys.

There's one thing that has been on my mind when seeing all of your awesome pictures. When germinating several seeds in the same piece of "rockwool", how and when do you separate them once they are germinated?

Thanks in advance.
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I just pick less strong seedlings off. That minimizes the need to handle small plants (handling may damage them). I usually have more seeds than rockwool on hand so it isn't a problem that I lose some seedlings... But I have very limited space for my plants, so things like this may be very different for people who can grow a large number of chilis at the same time and want to use as many seedlings as they can get from limited number of seeds they have.

Of course, if I was about to germinate something rare, expensive or so, I'd just plant one seed per cube (or pot).

If you have a large piece of rockwool, you can cut it before you plant.