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Iloista kasvatuskautta !!

English version and Finnish Version selection

Aloittaja scion, helmikuu 02, 2013, 22:36:54 ip

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First of all, thank you for this website.

I am from Denmark, I am a new container gardener. Last year I registered in this forum but I have not posted any post due to the language problem. I have a problem of English version selection.

Only today I was informed that the forum has English version then I tried and somehow I got here. This is my first post.  Briefly I am telling you all my problem. If I log in direct to the forum http://chilifoorumi.fi/ I always get Finnish version and when I log in from the http://fatalii.net/growing/ I got English version. Is it normal or  is it a problem of my account set up?

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi there,

If you go to the http://chilifoorumi.fi and scroll all down the bottom, there is lying that Fatalii.net forums (in english) section of our forum. There's no other languages available with forum software I quess.

So then Etusivu, Ohjeet, Haku, Profiili, Yksityisviestit, Kalenteri, Jäsenet, Kirjaudu ulos
is Home, Help, Search, Profile, Private Messages, Calendar, Users, Log out

Hope it helps
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Hi Boozeman,

Thank you for the reply. I followed your instruction but the forum reappeared in Finnish again. To get the English version I log in from the homepage.



There seems to be an option for English...

Click "Tunnuksen asetukset" (settings) on the drop-down menu of "Profiili" on the front page, then choose "English" instead of "Finnish" on "Kielipaketin valinta" (language selection). You must enter your password in the field "Nykyinen salasana" (current password) before you click "Muuta profiilia" (change the profile) on lower right.


Hi -V-,

Thank you for the reply.

Now I know how to manage it, 1. the frontpage (http://fatalii.net/growing/) 2. fatalii.net -forum! 3. language selection (top right hand corner) 4. log in.