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Iloista kasvatuskautta !!

plz help with biobizz biogrow/bloom feeding plan

Aloittaja trisky1000, maaliskuu 08, 2013, 11:27:17 ap

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Hi there im new to this forum as well as growing!

My first question (and im sorry if its answered and missed it) is what feeding ammounts are used, what  schedule / plan do you use with biogrow/bloom? i got the all mix soil and a trial pack of the fert! but it come with no feeding plan. i have checked the net and come up with a couple of plans that people are using! but just not sure which is best to use for chillies! some say use more bloom in flow. some say use less bloom and add biogrow!  One plan i found  it says 20-50ml of biobloom when flowering! surely is that is way too high?

thanks for looking and hope to hear from you soon


Hey there!

Soil will do it's "feeding" at the beginning, but when your chillies have grown a bit, you can start adding nutrient but I recommend to start with lower amounts than normal.
Start testing carefully, I have killed my plants before for using a bit too much nutrients, first they started dropping leafs and then they just died :D

Good luck with your chillies!!  :)
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