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Iloista kasvatuskautta !!

galapagoense cross

Aloittaja JohnF, toukokuu 18, 2006, 19:06:21 ip

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This is a picture of the flower of galapagonse

and this is the flower of a galapgoense cross I am growing. My source does not know the father's name

Note the relative lack of pubesense on the cross


erm no hairs, galapgoense sorry its a newbie question..i bought some seeds from riemer and could not get a single one to germinate(ive heard there hard to) some say its the supplier..riemer seeds and at $15 an expensive waist of time..tried some on rockwool and flexi mix and soil no joy any advice would be appreciated  :)


I germinate them the same as all the others--in a soil-less mix kept moist but not soggy and with bottom heat. They can be quite slow to germinate.


been about 8/9 weeks and its the only chilli i haven't germinated successfully
mm maybe its me   :(


Hui, Have got some to germinate here in spain, 500M asl only tookj 22 days to show their heads, will post some pictures when have second set of leaves.