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Iloista kasvatuskautta !!


Aloittaja scion, syyskuu 08, 2013, 09:58:21 ap

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Hi  :-[

First they attacked my tomatoes I killed most of them. I thought they have gone but I am wrong. They changed their menu from sweet to hot. Yesterday I found a couple of holes on the scorpion pods I did not know who made it. Today I found this culprit inside the Ghost pods.

Scorpion and Ghost are growing next to the tomatoes. Still they have tomatoes to eat  :o all may tomatoes are getting ripe so they changed their menu  >:(

I do not have question but express my frustration here  :) and any advice about caterpillar are welcome. Next season I would use BT before they attack my plants.



Eeew :o
If you have infected plants (for example those tomatoes), you'd better evacuate all nearby plants to a safer place. Another room would be just fine (assuming it has a decent door to keep caterpillars at bay :D )
You should also use some kind of a "medicine" to kill all the bugs. Remember, that stuff must be mild so you won't harm the plant.
Hoidan & kasvatan chiliä apinan raivolla.


Hi Toby, good advice, thank you.

I have learned my lesson from this season. I'd prepare well for the next season.