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Fans and Light Cycles

Aloittaja thamnophis, huhtikuu 25, 2006, 01:20:00 ap

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So my peppers are doing rather well I think (Thanks everyone for your help). All have been moved back and forth daily from a south window to florescent lights, i.e. they get 24 hours light. What effect does 24/7 light have on peppers?

2nd question: Do fans help produce a "stiffer" plant? Although mine look OK, they seem a little soft: soft leaves, maybe a little weak stemmed. I don't use a fan currently.


Sauli Särkkä

Using a fan and not using one makes about a big a difference as exists between night and day. I aim to keep my fan running 24/7, as all movement of the plant (light stress) makes the plant sturdier in every way. Even the leaves seem to thicken a bit from the stem.

Some varieties tend to droop after a certain amount of light, usually between 10 and 16 hours. Some varieties, however, don't mind the continuous light. For example, Aji Cristals tend to droop after 10-12 hours, depending on the intensity of the light(s), nutrient levels, temperature and whether it is in the vegetative or blooming phase.

Sauli Särkkä