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Tervehdys, kaksi samaan aikaan sattunutta teknistä muutosta / ongelmaa summa aiheutti vajaan viikon katkon foorumille. Nyt palvelinohjelmisto on jouduttu päivittämään uuteen ja sekä ulkoasu että toiminnallisuus on muuttunut. Toivotttavasti ei ainakaan kovin paljoa huonompaan suuntaan. Odottamattomia ongelmiakin saattaa ilmaantua.

Biobizz concentration.

Aloittaja Mayloa, maaliskuu 11, 2011, 08:37:26 ap

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It's about time to start adding nutrients to this years plants for me. I have bought Biobizz for this years season but can't make up my mind on which concentration to go for. Unfortunately I don't have any EC-meter to measure with. The Feeding chart I got along with my order is obviously made for certain Short-day plants and does not quite suit my needs as I'm not using their soil mixes either. The bottle says 2-4 ml/l (0,2-0,4%) whereas feeding chart says 1 ml/l (0,1%) throughout the whole season when using their all-mix.

How much have you been adding? And how much Biogrow are you giving when you start up giving Biobloom aswell? Has anyone tested EC for the different concentrations?

Thanks in advance
Have a nice weekend! :)


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personnaly, but it's for other plants, I find that biobizz isn't a very strong fertilizer. I think you can go to minimum 3ml/l without any problem.
but, as it's scribed on, less is always better than too much.
so, as for my other plants, my advise would be to stat with 1ml/l and you can rise gradually. (0,5ml more each time for example)

for my growing bonchis, I give them 2ml/l about every two weeks (or when you find they looks like needing it). and I don't mesure the EC, when growing in earth, it isn't really important.

but I'm not sure, and I don't really mind, until my chile are ok.


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Just be careful with the nitrogen... many beginners fertilize way too much at first and get very nice looking bushy plants and no yield or very small yield.

I'm sure you will do just fine! :)

this one if interested :