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Two New Naga Snake Bite 'Extreme' Sauce Available!

Aloittaja Darlochileman, heinäkuu 12, 2008, 13:16:39 ip

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Hello everyone,

For those of you that enjoyed our Original Recipe (Naga Snakebite Extreme) and our even hotter 'Private Reserve' chilli sauces we bring you some good news, the ultimate Naga Morich based chilli sauce will soon be available.

99% of people who were brave enough to try our Private Reserve loved it but to our surprise some of the hard core chilli heads amongst you said the sauce was very hot, but not hot enough!!. At first we thought you were joking and that you couldn't possible want more heat than the Private Reserve - each bottle stuffed with ten whole fresh naga morich pods. Rising to the challenge, we have locked ourselves away in thechileman laboratory and we are very close to bringing you our new sauce - NAGA SNAKEBITE 'PURE VENOM' 6.4m SHU Edition

Whats it like?
Well to make sure this one lives up to all the hype we have really gone to town on this one!!

Amongst the many ingredients are the usual Naga Morich pods (but shed loads of them), Bih Jolokia powder, concentrated Naga paste and if that wasent enough a 6.4m SHU Extract. Its like the Private Reserve on steroids!!

Ive already tested it out on a few Vindaloo/Phall curry loving mates and they  likened it to peeling off all the skin of your lips and then drinking a boiling hot cup of tea. Well that was after they stopped crying   . Its an absolute belter.

As a fellow asthmatic, personally i think its almost inedible and for the serious hot sauce head/ collector only.

Unfortunately due to fumes from making it, the very high cost of some of the ingredients (particluarly the vile of 6.4m SHU extract) and a transportation disaster, there are only going to be a very small number of bottles available (less than 30) so it promises to be a collectors edition :-(  

I might make something similar in the future if there is the demand.

on a brighter note...........

A New & Improved 'Private Reserve' also to released shortly
Ive also listened to you guys and have improved the original 'Private Reserve' recipie a sauce which mere mortals like myself can bearly handle. Its even hotter than the original and has been thinned out so thats it got a much smoother consistancy and is easier to pour whilst maintaining its unique taste. Im sure this one will also meet with your approval. Despite the higher ingredient costs Ive kept the price the same.

We are now taking pre-release orders for the new & improved 'Private Reserve' on the chileman site. Both will be released shortly


Please note that all purchasers of  'Pure Venom' MUST AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER:

' Due to the extreme nature of this sauce, you the prospective purchaser hereby release http://www.thechileman.org from all liability with respect to damage or claims of injury resulting from the misuse or over consumption of this product. You promise to keep this product out of reach of children and all animals and declare to have no respiratory problems or prior knowledge of a heart condition'.

Aji Inferno

Oh, no... I can already see the Doom coming. At least one of the crazy guys in our chili association is sure to order that stuff and scare the hell out of us others in our forthcoming annual chili lovers' meeting in Oulu, Finland! :D

Last time it was "The Source" sauce that terrorized us big time. I still remember that moment in the middle of the night. People had enjoyed some alcohol and some had already fallen asleep when I saw that tiny, pretty little bottle. Well, I had enjoyed a little alcohol too, so instead of listening to my sane side, I remember thinking: "Well, well... Something I gotta taste!"  And although I had just earlier seen one of our crazy guys suffering the pains of death after "The Source" experiment, my hand acted like a zombie and poured a drop of that horrible stuff on a teaspoon...  After some seconds my somewhat dizzy brain realized: "Uh huh... This was probably a VERY bad idea!!!"  As it was. But I survived...  Now, with your Naga Venom... (sigh!)

I accept my fate... It looks venomous! :-)


Hi Aji,

If the source gave you nightmares, god help you if you even have the misfortune to be a Pure Venom victim. With about 20 whole Nagas + Naga concentrate + bih jolokia paste & powder + a 6.4m SHU extract for good measure in each bottle 'Pure Venom' really is quite frightening. You can find out more information on both our new sauces here: