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Overwinter Plants not dormant

Aloittaja scion, marraskuu 09, 2013, 19:08:28 ip

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My overwinter plants got new shoots so fast. Some of them have flower buds too. I give less water, fertilizer and light.

August 25, 2013

November 09, 2013 the same plant after pruned/overwinter. All the branches are new.

Should I pruned again?

Thanks in advance.



I think it has too much leaves for winter. Maybe you should remove some of them. Less leaves mean smaller amount of light needed.
Hoidan & kasvatan chiliä apinan raivolla.


Hi Toby,

All these leaves and branches are new. They are growing very fast.

As you said it should be better to remove some leaves and small branches.

Thank you for the input.