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Iloista kasvatuskautta !!

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Aloittaja Janne, joulukuu 19, 2008, 09:03:56 ap

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joulukuu 19, 2008, 09:03:56 ap Viimeisin muokkaus: joulukuu 27, 2008, 15:43:33 ip käyttäjältä Janne
Hello, fellow chileheads all around the world.

This forum's english language sections are now part of All old topics will be transferred here and some more specific discussion categories are already created.

If you have any questions about new forum structure or forum software mechanics, please do not hesitate to email or pm me or Fatalii.

All old "Chili diaries" -topics will be transferred under "Show us your garden -category".

This section will propably have some more or less significant changes during following days, so please be patient ;) - erilainen ruokablogi


Great news.
Really a big step forward!

Don't play with fire, but play with Wild Chilli's