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Poblano seedlings - check. What's next?

Aloittaja plasticprincess, heinäkuu 31, 2016, 17:55:42 ip

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Hello! I planted some poblano seeds in early June and now I have a few small plants. I've had them under a grow light since I planted them. I've read through a few threads and I have some questions.

This is how they currently look:

I've purchased some turve and have a couple of very large pots. Should I move them to mid-sized pots for now or should I just use a small amount of soil in the larger pots and add more as they grow? (I saw that in a video.) About how big should they be before I transplant them from the current pots?

Thanks in advance.


I would say you're not in a hurry to repot them, but when you do, I find it easiest to just switch gradually to bigger pots. Just plant the seedlings up to the first or second leaves so it has most of the leaves above the soil and plenty of support from the stem remaining underground. Note that you can repot the taller plants already, if you wish, but the smaller they are when you transplant them, the longer it will take to grow new roots to "settle" in the new pot, and conversely the longer it will take to continue growth above the ground.

Have you been fertilizing the plants yet? The leaves look a little yellow and it looks like some leaves have fallen off. This could be related to fertilizing, or possibly overwatering (the peat looks wet in the picture, and it should not catch green moss/algae like that if it isn't constantly wet).


Not hurry to repot yet, those pots look about same size that i use (6*6cm) and i repot them usualy when they are about 15cm high.

About  fertilizing, use tomato fertilizer or similar, not flower (ornamental plant) fertilizers. Flower fertilizers contains usualy too much nitrogen. And Chili don't like to be in too wet soil, too much water is easiest way to kill them.


Thanks for the info. I haven't fertilized them. I let the soil get dry and I just watered them yesterday, so it looks damp. Is it normal for them to be different heights?


They're all individuals, so I wouldn't be worried about the heights. You could start fertilizing them with a bit of something, they won't last for too long on their own in peat. What is their light source? They will need plenty of light, especially when fertilizing, so that they can use that "food". :D