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Wild Chiles / Flexuosum crossability
joulukuu 14, 2014, 21:48:18 ip
Hello all,

My very first comment on here. (Where am I supposed to introduce myself for the general forum in English, not Finnish?)

I'm writing here because I've been planning to cross flexu with "others" for some time now, and by talking to a few others through facebook I've heard that there had been attempts like that in Finland previously. Is there anyone here who has attempted such a cross? Say, a flexu with a baccatum?  ;D

I'm asking specifically about the baccatum because I found some hints in an old, scanned PDF that "this should be possible". 24 chromosomes, so... probably not entirely impossible, at least. But there's no follow-up, such as there is no follow up (or I haven't found it) of the wildchilli-eu project dating back to 2011 (I think?) where they tried to do flexu crosses...

Anyway, this is the plan. I've asked for seeds from J. S., he agreed to send me some, so I'll definitely try this. I'm growing several baccatums and I'll try each and every one of them.

Anyone with previous attempts, ideas, insights, knowledge, similar interests, please do chime in. I'm sure there are people here with some experiences/previous attempts as I've also heard that the flexu seeds are somewhat easier to get in Finland and that there are many people growing flexus. Thanks  8)