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Fatali has problem

Aloittaja scion, elokuu 13, 2013, 21:11:29 ip

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I think our members do not have much problems except me  :-[

I have few Fatali Yellow plants they are still doing very well but I am worried for the possible problems in near future.

The first sign of problem was, the leaves are crispy/brittle like potato chips and old leaves also dropped earlier than the others (scorpion, ghost, 7 pods etc). I have some minor problems of aphids and leafhoopers too.

Last week we got rain and I found one of the Fatali containers were full of water, all the pine bark mulch were floating, it was flooded about 6/7 hours, then I opened the drainage hole and drained the water completely (soil is well drained).

Now the leaves have developed some kind of rusty color but I do not know the real cause of these problems. I have been told to treat/flush out the soil with vinegar mixed water but I am a bit hesitate to do it because it can change the pH level a lot.

Here is the pictures.

Closed up shot

This plant is very young and the leaves/stem are also very tender but has a lot of pods. Still now none of the pods dropped. Some tips of the leaves are dried/burnt I think it is wind damage because since last few days we are getting very strong wind.

All my plants get the same growing condition/water/fertilizer.

I am requesting your advice to prevent any possible problems.

Thanks in advance.



The pods are not damaged but the leaves are getting worse.



I asked this question before but I could not get any solution. Probably there will be so many factors for this problem. Anyway I did something last week for my plant. I sprayed milk, 1 part milk and 9 part water, it looks like a bit better or may be just my feeling. Fortunately none of the pods are not dropped and no leaves drooping and fell.