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Other discussion / Help me ID these chilies please
lokakuu 11, 2012, 00:58:34 ap
I got these from a friend of mine who got theme from a co-worker,so he shared some with me.He had no idea wich species they are,and niether do i.


habanero,orange habanero,he was also talking something about tabasco.... ??? Are the wrinkled ones bhut jolokia,or naga morich?I have no idea about the rest.
Show us your garden! / Vs: new member
lokakuu 10, 2012, 18:19:31 ip
Soal your pictures...f*** this im getting myself a grow light  >:( I didnt want to use one,but if im going to be germanating in february,i dont think i have any other option,if i want heathy plants.

I want to know everithing there is to know about overwintering chilies.Write your experiences,put links,articles etc.Thank you :)
So if you just put them inside near a window they should be fine or is there much more to that?
Developing of the site / Vs: Wishlist
lokakuu 08, 2012, 18:54:57 ip
How about making the chat bigger?You can scroll up and down,but instead of that,i would rather make it bigger.So i could just pull it up,and strech it.
Päiväkirjat ja fotoalbumit / Vs: Yleinen fotoalbumi
lokakuu 07, 2012, 19:46:13 ip
Beautiful!You guys have such nice plants. I enjoy waching this pics like this.
Show us your garden! / Vs: new member
lokakuu 05, 2012, 21:14:02 ip
Tnx for the kind words :) I can always dry the hotter chilies or make a sauce/flakes.I wasnt really going for the taste with the beauty pepers,but i think that italiano and canijo will do just fine for now.Yea its probably a good idea to make friends here for free seeds :)I was kinda hoping that aji cristal would be in the mistery surprise seed mix  that i got :P That would be awsome. But there probably isnt one :)
Show us your garden! / Vs: new member
lokakuu 05, 2012, 17:52:00 ip
Im just gonna use this thread ,so im not making another one,becouse i see there is a couple similar to this one.

Hy,im Šiprim,i come from Slovenia  :) When i told my friends that im going to start growing chiles,they all got exited,so we ordered some seeds at fatalii.net  :) Its my first time growing chiles(starting next year in february),and i was so exited,that i needed to have the seeds as soon as possible.I was checking the site everiday,looking at youtube clips,reading articles etc.So,the seeds arrived,and i was happy as can be.Got some extra seeds and a surprise mix,so its defenatly worth buying for more then 15 euros.Tnx for the extra seeds by the way,very nice of you :) And ofcourse,me and my friends are going to be sharing the seeds :)



The cool this is,that in some of the bags,there was also some small chilli flakes/dust that came with the seeds.I just had to stick my finger in the habanero bag,so that the flakes got on my finger.Finger licking GOOOD  8) So yea Fatalii,you dont have to be steril with the seeds.You can leave some chili flakes along with the seeds :D Have a nice day everibody   ;) Cant wait till febuary :)