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Iloista kasvatuskautta !!


Aloittaja MelT, maaliskuu 01, 2009, 00:05:52 ap

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maaliskuu 01, 2009, 00:05:52 ap Viimeisin muokkaus: maaliskuu 01, 2009, 02:54:39 ap käyttäjältä MelT
Hello, I've been a "lurker" here, and thought I should finally register and post.
My name is Mel, I'm a botanist, and have been interested in Capsicum peppers
for a long while, especially wild species and primitive forms of the domesticated

However, I've really only been actively growing different pepper varieties for a
few years.

My 2008 season:

Capsicum. frutescens "Duke Pequin"  [I'll try to post a profile of this one soon].
C. cf. frutescens? ["from Peru"]  "unknown UC Davis wild pepper"

C. chacoense ["C. exile"] "Cobincho"

C. annuum v. glabriusculum "tepin" or  "chiltepin" [from several sources]
C. annuum v. annuum  "pequin pepper" [several different forms]
C. annuum v. annuum "Serrano"
C. annuum v. annuum "Fresno"
C. annuum v. annuum "Chinese Giant"
C. annuum v. annuum "banana"

C. chinense "Wild Brazil" [tiny, yellow, strong habanero flavor]
C. chinense "Bhut Jolokia"
C. chinense "Congo"
C. chinense "Trinidad Perfume"
C. chinense "Aji Dulce #2"
C. chinense "Habanero" [several different sources, sizes/shapes, colors]

3 from Guyana:
C. chinense "Marawiri" [= a local name for "wiri wiri"?]
C. chinense "Tiger Teeth"
C. chinense "Yellow Tiger Teeth"

C. pubescens [several different varieties of rocoto/manzano]
C. cf. eximium X pubescens  "CGN 19198 #2"
C. cardenasii/eximium X pubescens "Rocopica"

C. baccatum "Champion"
C. baccatum "Inca Red Drop"
C. baccatum [unknown variety from the Duke University greenhouse]
C. baccatum CGN 22871
C. baccatum PI 260567 "C. microcarpum"

During the 2008 season I tried a number of crosses among many of the above. 
I'm looking forward to seeing the F1 hybrid results.


Nice to see you here! It's very nice to see some "serious" (means more crazy and actually less sserious) chileheads here who love wild chiles, we will definitely have interesting discussions, photos and tips to share in the future!

Your set looks very nice! It will be very challenging to cross wild chiles but when you are devoted it.. hey I'm sure you will get some nice results at some point!

So, welcome to forum!
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Welcome from the land down under