My 2008/2009 seasons-- Some chile hybrid projects. Part 1. "Locatopica"?

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I'm finally getting around to posting these [I've been meaning to for an
embarrassingly long time].

During the 2008 season I made a large number of crosses between different chile varieties and
different Capsicum species, and grew many F1 hybrids during the 2009 season. 

interesting results:

Capsicum pubescens/C. eximium/cardenasii group-- 

1] "Locatopica"? "Locopica"?
Most of my crosses from this group had C. pubescens "Locato" [PI 387838] as the female
parent, because it seemed to be an especially primitive rocoto type, and I was interested in
the origin of C. pubescens from its wild relatives.   

Seedlings from "Locato" fruits from pollinations with "Rocopica" [a.k.a. "Ulupica, large"] pollen
mostly appeared to be unusually small-fruited, red-fruited "rocotos". 

Flowers resemble the "Locato" parent:

Fruit comparison [no Rocopica fruits were on hand for the photo]:

The plants flowered and fruited at small sizes for C. pubescens.

2] "Locato" crossed with "CGN 19198 #2" pollen produced pretty little plants that eventually
formed many small red fruits.  Of a few individual seedlings of this cross that I grew , only
one plant produced flowers in clusters as in "CGN 19198 #2".

Young plant with first flowers, less than 30 cm tall:

The same plant, later in season:

The first ripe fruits:
This plant obviously looks different from its "Locato" mother, but does resemble its
"CGN 19198 #2" father.  Other plants from the same cross had similar flowers and fruits, but
had only single flowers at the nodes.

Comparison of hybrid with parents.

Another 2008 cross from this group was "CGN 19198 #2" crossed with "Rocopica" pollen.  The
only seedling produced a Rocopica-like plant, but it didn't flower for me in 2009 [oddly enough,
neither did its Rocopica parent]. I'll see what it does this season [I overwintered it and the
others shown above].

C. chacoense X Chiltepin
Another hybrid I'll show here, although not part of the C. pubescens group.
It doesn't look like much, but is Capsicum chacoense "Cobincho" X
C. annuum v. glabriusculum "Tepin, Tarahumara":

The plant was basically close to its C. chacoense parent, but has larger flowers than the
minute chacoense flowers[intermediate between the parents].  Fruits were undersized,
but some normal-looking seeds
were present.

I didn't do much with Capsicum baccatum crosses, but did grow F1s of a cross between
PI 260567 "Microcarpum" and a very nice red-fruited aji type formerly long grown in the Duke
greenhouse. The hybrids were large colorful plants with abundant bright red fruits intermediate
in size between the parents.

More to come...


This is really some great stuff, wonderful!

Thanks for the great hybrids I got from you, some of them are germinating already! :)
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