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Chilis with "spreadable" fruits

Aloittaja MelT, helmikuu 11, 2011, 02:17:40 ap

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In hybrids between C frutescens "Duke Pequin" and larger-fruited C. chinense varieties the flesh of the fruit becomes
noticeably soft and pulpy when fully ripe.  I read somewhere that this is a known C. frutescens trait. This softening can be
a problem in that it may make ripe fruit more difficult to harvest, and it also makes them more attractive to damage by birds. A
simple solution is to pick the fruit before they are completely ripe. They will finish ripening if they are picked with some red color.

I hadn't thought of this softening as a desirable feature, but more than one person who got mixed bags of my "extra" chilis
commented that they especially enjoyed using the varieties that could be spread on bread as if they were butter. 

I thought I'd test and illustrate this observation, and found that yes, the whole fruit could in fact be smeared across a firm
piece of bread without much difficulty.  Some examples:
"Duke Pequin" X "Tiger Teeth" F1 [or possibly "Duke Pequin" X "Bhut Jolokia"]
[and a toasted whole wheat "English muffin" and a table knife] Before:


"Wiri Wiri" X "Bhut Jolokia"  Before:


This softening was noticed in:
"Duke Pequin" X "Bhut Jolokia"
"Duke Pequin" X "Tiger Teeth"
"Duke Pequin" X "Congo"
"Duke Pequin" X "Pimenta da Neyde"
"Wiri Wiri" X "Bhut Jolokia"
All show this pronounced softening in the F1 generation and at least some plants of the F2.

"Duke Pequin" fruit presumably also soften when fully ripe, but this is less noticeable because the fruits are so
small and there is proportionately little pulp relative to the tougher skin.


I see I've accidentally sent this to the wrong section of this forum.  I'd like to remove it from here and
post it to a more appropriate place, such as "Show us your garden" or "processing and cooking". 
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really cool

yes, the softening is indeed a desirable trait since i´ve been looking for chilis being smeared like marmelade at breakfast  :D

keep up growing these babes  :)