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Aloittaja scion, heinäkuu 01, 2013, 17:06:18 ip

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My super hot chilies are getting pods and I think they may need more nutrients than before. I have three different liquid fertilizer:

1. Chilli Focus 3.0:1.0:4.4
2. Prima NPK 3-1-4
3. Diploma Universal NPK 5-1-2

I am not able to decide which one would be the best for my plants. All my plants are growing very well but I am worried about the pod size and productivity. Some of the plants' first pods are smaller than the new pods.

I am requesting your advice and recommendation of fertilizer based on the NPK or brand names. Method of fertilizing, such as full strength or half. A lot of information and advice found on the Net sometimes it makes me confuse to use the right one. This subject would be already discussed very long time before but still we need to get advice, tips and tricks from your valuable experiences. I am just a new beginner, I need mentors  :-\.


Less Nitrogen(N) is needed during and after blooming. Whatever fertilizer you choose, make sure you're giving the plants more P and K and less N than before. If you can afford a fertilizer set of 3 different products(each focusing on one nutrient) you can easily combine them for optimal NPK ratio. The GHE Flora Tripack works wonders for me and is quite easy for a beginner such as myself.

If new fertilizers aren't an option, I'd pick either #1 or #2 in your list. You may not want to go full strength with those, though, as it may result in greater leaf growth rather than more flowers and fruits.


Hi Feint, thank you for the advice.

I'll use full strength, my plants have a lot of leaves already.

GHE Flora Tripack is new to me I will check whether it is available or not here.