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Tervehdys, kaksi samaan aikaan sattunutta teknistä muutosta / ongelmaa summa aiheutti vajaan viikon katkon foorumille. Nyt palvelinohjelmisto on jouduttu päivittämään uuteen ja sekä ulkoasu että toiminnallisuus on muuttunut. Toivotttavasti ei ainakaan kovin paljoa huonompaan suuntaan. Odottamattomia ongelmiakin saattaa ilmaantua.

growing rocotos from cuttings

Aloittaja Sally, huhtikuu 16, 2010, 20:30:21 ip

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Has anybody had any luck with growing rocotos (C. pubescens) from cuttings?  I normally have no problems taking cuttings from chillis (method similar to: but with my rocotos it doesn't work - the cuttings just collapse.

Anybody got any tips here?



Hmm.. it should work, it's good to choose branches with many spots that held leaves before.
The roots start growing easily from these spots.

Take plenty of cuttings if possible, rocoto's shouldn't be too hard to root.
I've notest that the new, soft and thick stem growth isn't too good for taking cuttings.
Also, make sure you cut off plenty of leaves so that they won't take all the energy but that they will still
be able to absorb all the light.

A small ventilated box that holds the humidity with plenty of light should do it.

Hope it helps!
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Thanks Fatalii, I'll try these new tips and let you know how I get on.