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To fork or not to fork?

Aloittaja horsebones, kesäkuu 29, 2011, 20:40:00 ip

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I was watching this video (link below) and noticed this guy recommended cutting below the first branch fork for indoor pepper plants. Even though these where pepper plants, is this approach recommended for indoor chilli growers or does it depend on the chilli species? Will cutting this early possibly stress a particular species too much and kill it?

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I think he covered it pretty well in the video as to why he cut below the fork.

Letting them grow however they want they will try to get very tall, and the combined weight of the branches and peppers can be enough to tear the branch off of the main trunk entirely, especially if it gets windy (or in your case if you bump it indoors).  By cutting below the fork he's forcing the plant to stay short and bushy so that its more stable.

Also for indoor plants, you probably aren't going to be giving them a huge pot and the entire corner of your room, so you don't want them getting 5 feet tall and turning into a small tree indoors, this helps keep them smaller and a more managable size.

And no, long as you leave it some green it shouldn't hurt the plant too much.  Peppers are very resilient.


Well this is something I really want to try! My goal is to keep my chile plants as compact as possible and if that's the way, that's what I'm gonna do. I'll keep you posted!

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I cut all my plants, except for two (just in case). In a month or so I will post some before/after pics. Fingers crossed!

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Hi there. What happened to those plants after all?
Did it work the way you wanted?